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McFarlane Shimmy Dampener Assembly for Cessna Aircraft
Save $$$ - Repair your fluid dampener

MC0442512-1 For Cessna 150, 152, 172, 175, and 182

MC0743624-1 For Cessna 182K through 182T


Fully repairable and 5x more dampening action than the Lord throw-away rubber dampener!


Improved design for consistent dampening action!

  • Oversize shaft for rigid strength
  • Wear resistant hard anodized housing
  • Better shimmy dampening
  • Costs less than the throw away Lord dampener
  • Totally repairable and self lubricating


Temperature compensated hydraulics

  • Almost no service required
  • Even the first minor movements are dampened
  • Consistent dampening action



To repair your original fluid dampener, go to Seal and Repair Kits.

For dampener replacement parts, go to Shimmy Dampener Components.   

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
1521 BEARING, Head, Shimmy Dampener $86.87
1522 BEARING, Head, Shimmy Dampener w/ Fill Hole $101.37
1523 SHAFT, Shimmy Dampener $447.74
1525 PISTON, Floating, Shimmy Dampener $52.30
1526 SCREW, Set $23.30
1527 SPRING, Shimmy Dampener $7.03
1532 SEAL, Screw $8.59
MC0442512-1 ASSEMBLY, Shimmy Dampener
Free Shipping
MC0743624-1 ASSEMBLY, Shimmy Dampener
Free Shipping

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