Landing Gear Components

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
1100 QUAD RING, Nose Strut Seal $46.21
1521 BEARING, Head, Shimmy Dampener $84.34
1522 BEARING, Head, Shimmy Dampener w/ Fill Hole $98.42
1523 SHAFT, Shimmy Dampener $434.70
1525 PISTON, Floating, Shimmy Dampener $50.78
1526 SCREW, Set $22.62
1527 SPRING, Shimmy Dampener $6.82
1530 TOOL, Extraction, Floating Piston Shimmy Dampener $17.07
1531 TOOL, Spring Insertion Shimmy Dampener $17.07
1532 SEAL, Screw $8.34
CBS-KT-2 SEAL KIT, Master Cylinder $5.64
CBS-KT-3 SEAL KIT, Master Cylinder $10.98
CBS-KT-4 SEAL KIT, Master Cylinder $4.06
CBS-KT-5 SEAL KIT, Brake Assembly $9.77
CBS-KT-6 SEAL KIT, Brake Assembly $14.82
MC0413304-3 BOOT 150-152 STEERING (Kevlar) $97.73
MC0413304-6 DOUBLER, Steering Boot $65.27
MC0441225-1 MOUNTING PLATE, Main Wheel Fairing - Left $156.07
MC0441225-2 MOUNTING PLATE, Main Wheel Fairing - Right $156.07
MC0442506-1 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $1300.70

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