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X Category: Elbows

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
40B19841AWL ELBOW, #3 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, LH Forward $265.05
40B19844AWL ELBOW, #1 Cylinder, TIO-540-AE2A, RH Forward $265.05
40B22190AWL ELBOW, #1 Cylinder, TIO-540-AJ1A $698.25
40B23387AWL ELBOW, #1 Cylinder, TIO-540-AJ1A, with EGT $698.25
101-910204-11AWL ELBOW ASSEMBLY, Exhaust Stack Hose $603.25
764-501AWL ELBOW, Bypass, PA32/R/RT-300T/301T $323.00
654238AWL ELBOW, TSIO-360-KB, LH Intermediate $382.92
654260AWL ELBOW, #6 Cylinder, TSIO-360-F/K/R, LH Forward $292.82
654261AWL ELBOW, #5 Cylinder, TSIO-360-F/K/R, RH Forward $292.82
654303AWL ELBOW, Crossover, TSIO-360-F/FB $563.12
654322AWL ELBOW, #5 Cylinder, TSIO-520/550, RH Forward $315.35
654323AWL ELBOW, #6 Cylinder, TSIO-520/550, LH Forward $315.35
656297AWL ELBOW, TSIO-360-KB, RH Intermediate $382.92
657005AWL ELBOW, #5 Cylinder, TSIO-520/550, RH Forward $315.35
657006AWL ELBOW, #6 Cylinder, TSIO-520/550, LH Forward $315.35
1555011-12AWL ELBOW ASSEMBLY, C337, RH $540.59
1555011-13AWL ELBOW ASSEMBLY, C337, LH $540.59
1555047-1AWL ELBOW, Upper, CT337G/H/P337H, Aft $210.16
1555048-1AWL ELBOW, Lower, CT337G/H/P337H, Aft $210.16
2154000-64AWL ELBOW, CP210 $616.55

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