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Exhaust Mufflers, Tailpipes, Shrouds, Risers,
Clamps, Heat Exchangers and More


Offering the largest inventory of exhaust system components! 

McFarlane now has a full product line of exhaust system components, including AWI and Acorn Welding. These leading exhaust manufacturers offer high-quality components for many major aircraft models including Aero Commander, American Champion, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Grumman, Mooney, Piper, and Rockwell. Systems and parts for both Continental and Lycoming engines are available.



AWI Specializes in top quality exhaust systems, engine mounts, carb heat boxes, and more. Their replacement parts are made from stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, titanium, and magnesium. Advanced aero-technology and precision machining ensure the perfect fit for your aircraft.



Acorn Welding develops welded, machined, and riveted components for all sectors of aviation. They design and manufacture turbine engine exhaust, Piston aircraft exhaust systems, engine mounts, and support trusses. Other products include assemblies such as induction boxes, seat frame elements, and engine and flight control linkages. Their exhaust products are made from stainless steel or Inconel with design improvements that reduce thermal fatigue and provide longer life.





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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
DAM20-4.0 EXHAUST LUBE, 4.0 oz $32.05
DAM20-4.0C EXHAUST LUBE, 4.0 oz, Case, 12 Cans $353.80
MC25C-8 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1 $48.46
MC25C-8P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1 $52.89
MC25C-8P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1O07 $57.30
MC25C-8P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1O12 $178.02
MC25C-10 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4 $48.63
MC25C-10P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O03 $29.57
MC25C-10P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O07 $132.52
MC25C-10P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O12 $111.30
MC25C-11 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8 $54.91
MC25C-11P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O03 $52.89
MC25C-11P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O07 $82.09
MC25C-11P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O12 $114.20
MC31-10 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4 $63.39
MC31-10P03 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O03 $31.69
MC31-10P07 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O07 $63.49
MC31-10P12 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O12 $63.49
MC31-12 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/2 $54.91
MC31-12P03 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/2O03 $40.17

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