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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
DAM20-4.0 EXHAUST LUBE, 4.0 oz $32.05
DAM20-4.0C EXHAUST LUBE, 4.0 oz, Case, 12 Cans $353.80
MC25C-8 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1 $48.46
MC25C-8P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1 $52.89
MC25C-8P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1O07 $57.30
MC25C-8P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1O12 $178.02
MC25C-10 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4 $48.63
MC25C-10P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O03 $29.57
MC25C-10P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O07 $132.52
MC25C-10P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-1/4O12 $111.30
MC25C-11 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8 $54.91
MC25C-11P03 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O03 $52.89
MC25C-11P07 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O07 $82.09
MC25C-11P12 STUD, 1/4-20X1/4-20X1-3/8O12 $114.20
MC31-10 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4 $63.39
MC31-10P03 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O03 $31.69
MC31-10P07 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O07 $63.49
MC31-10P12 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/4O12 $63.49
MC31-12 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/2 $54.91
MC31-12P03 STUD, 5/16-18X5/16-24X1-1/2O03 $40.17

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