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Tempest Dry Air Vacuum Pumps

Tempest offers a complete line of new and overhauled FAA-PMA approved dry air pumps. 


  • Monolithic construction 
  • Wear indicator port 
  • Revolutionary LRT oil drain 
  • Closed front end keeps oil from entering the pump 
  • Radius edges make installation easier 
  • Through bolts maintain constant body torque and alignment
  • Installation gaskets are included with each vacuum pump


All new and overhauled Tempest dry air pumps come with patented WIP™ (Wear Indicator Port) that allows for internal observation of the pump’s vanes. The WIP™ helps determine if the pump should be replaced and avoid unscheduled maintenance due to a pump exceeding its life cycle. They also include finned stators for increased cooling and an “ultra-hard” finish on the internal wear surfaces of the stator for low friction and extended life.


New Tempest dry air pumps offer a closed coupling area and patented “LRT” diverter. These design features will help you detect and prevent pump contamination from external sources.


The 240 and 400 series dry air pumps are rugged, light-weight, and designed with today’s high-performance aircraft in mind. These pumps use a heat-treated, stainless-steel conical pressure plate spring and torsional dampening springs to provide a harmonics-free pressure plate control and smooth temperature compensation. The larger pumps also use hardened stainless-steel pressure plates that are precision ground and lapped to reduce internal leakage and wear. 


For these reasons and more, Tempest is the preferred dry air pump of aviation maintenance technicians worldwide.     



Always have the right tool for the job!

Vacuum Pump Wrenches

Finally a vacuum pump wrench that actually works and does not break!

A different wrench for the two sizes of pumps (one wrench can't do both pumps well)


P/N TOOL133 - 3.72" length, use for small pumps


P/N TOOL133-L - 4.83" length, use for large pumps



New Pumps

Each pump is meticulously and professionally hand assembled to insure proper tolerances and clearances. This assures optimum performance. After assembly, each pump is functionally tested. After this initial testing, the pump is disassembled, inspected for any unusual wear or abnormalities, and reassembled for a second test run. This extensivetesting procedure assures that only first-class products leave the facility.


Overhauled Pumps

When Tempest receives a core, it is disassembled and all carbon is discarded. Tempest never re-uses carbon. A new stator is used on all 200 series pumps. The larger 400 series pumps have the hard anodize stripped from the center stator and the stator is inspected for cracks. Then the I.D. is reconditioned. After the reconditioning process, each 400 series stator is meticulously inspected for proper dimensions. The stator then receives a new hard anodize coating. All re-used parts are inspected in the overhaul process to make sure that each part meets the FAA-PMA approved requirements process specification 203-6-1009. 

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
AA441CC-7 DRY AIR PUMP $1223.53
AA441CC-9 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA441CC-11 DRY AIR PUMP $1247.29
AA441CC-17 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA442CW DRY AIR PUMP $1223.53
AA442CW-4 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA442CW-6 DRY AIR PUMP $1223.53
AA442CW-8 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA442CW-10 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1247.29
AA442CW-12 DRY AIR PUMP $1321.15
AA442CW-14 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA442CW-20 DRY AIR PUMP, New $1223.53
AA3215CC DRY AIR PUMP, Tornado $489.83
AA3215CC-9 DRY AIR PUMP, Tornado $489.83
AA3216CW DRY AIR PUMP, Tornado $489.83
AA3225CC DRY AIR PUMP, Tornado $538.81
AA3226CW DRY AIR PUMP, Tornado $538.81
AP8-100-20 MANIFOLD, Auxilary Back Up System $847.03

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