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Tempest Aviation Spark Plugs


High Conductivity Copper Core Center Electrode

Copper, co-extruded inside a nickel alloy sleeve ensures outstanding heat and electrical conductivity while the nickel sleeve offers high resistance to corrosive combustion gases.


Proprietary Glass Center Seal

21st century “fired in” resistor replaces the multipart screw, spring, and carbon pile stack up used in  competitive plugs and known to suffer from resistance value instability that can cause misfires, wasted fuel, and engine roughness.


High Alumina Ceramic Insulator

High mechanical strength, superior dielectric properties, and proprietary protective glaze, provides high performance to conquer severe operational conditions. “Clean Collar” massive electrode “V” tip focuses heat to reduce fouling and enhance heat range control.


Nickel Finish

Environmentally preferable electrolytic nickel provides outstanding durable finish, superior corrosion protection, and extreme wear resistance.


Nickel Ground Electrodes

Aviation grade nickel electrode design focuses on minimizing sparking voltage requirements while maintaining specification gaps to ensure large, stable “flame kernels” for on-time ignition and complete combustion.


Vacuum Infused Center Electrode

The proprietary vacuum infusion process seals the electrode/insulator gap providing stable heat range and superior center electrode cooling (heat flow to the insulator).


Hot-Lock Assembly

Intense pressure and heat create positive, zero-leakage, shrunken in seal between insulator and shell to contain the hot, high pressure combustion cycle gases.


Harness Wire Contact

The spring contact surface is smooth, uninterrupted, oxide-treated, and corrosion resistant. It’s chemically bonded to the fired-in resistor providing the ultimate harness/spark plug termination integrity and energy transfer.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
AA446 TRAY, Spark Plug $92.03
AT5K RESISTANCE TESTER, Spark Plug $148.00
MS17840-1 GASKET, Spark Plug, 18 mm $10.34
T556 ANTI-SEIZE, Thread Lube, 4OZ. $10.17
UREB36S SPARK PLUG, Fine Wire $135.40
UREB37E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
UREM37BY SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
UREM37HE SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $42.04
UREM38E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
UREM38S SPARK PLUG, Fine Wire $135.40
UREM40E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
URHB32E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
URHB32HE SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $42.01
URHB32HS SPARK PLUG, Fine Wire $141.53
URHB32S SPARK PLUG, Fine Wire $135.40
URHB36S SPARK PLUG, Fine Wire $135.40
URHB37E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
URHM38E SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode $33.60
URHM38EL SPARK PLUG, Massive Electrode, Extended Reach Hex Nut $35.00

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