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Torque Links for Cessna Aircraft

Replace your bent Torque Links and worn Stop Lugs with our McFarlane Torque Links.

Ours are stronger, last longer, and cost less!


  • Substantial cost savings $$$
  • Stronger alloy - made from high-strength billet
  • More metal to resist cracking and bending
  • Increased service life
  • Primed and painted, ready for installation
  • Complete with pre-installed Stop Lug, Bushing, and Grease Fittings


MC0442506-1 Upper Torque Link

MC0442506-2 Lower Torque Link
MC1243426-2 Upper Torque Link Assembly

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC0442506-1 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $1300.70
MC0442506-2 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Lower $931.19
MC0442506-12 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $1300.70
MC0543035-3 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque $1045.91
MC0543035-8 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $1056.78
MC1243038-1 STOP LUG $332.44
MC1243422-1 BOLT, Special $107.59
MC1243426-2 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $2760.31
MC1243618-2 SHIM, Upper Torque Link, .020"" $23.45
MC1243618-3 SHIM, Upper Torque Link, .011"" $21.27
MC1243629-2 STOP LUG, Torque Link $255.20
MC1243635-1 LINK ASSEMBLY, Torque, Upper $1300.70

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