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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
7715 GUIDE INSERT $26.01
FVC-KT-1 KIT, Fuel Valve Components $1344.56
MC600-001-10 SEAL $6.64
MC0311076 GASKET, Fuel Selector Valve $12.61
MC0513120-1 SPRING, Positioning $14.00
MC0513120-2 SPRING, Valve $14.00
MC0513120-3 FITTING, Fuel Inlet $246.40
MC0513121 BODY, Valve $583.09
MC0513122 PLATE, Cover $157.52
MC0513123 CAM, Fuel Selector Valve $155.68
MC0513124-2 HOUSING, Positioning $303.59
MC0513124-3 HOUSING, Positioning $179.89
MC0513125 GASKET, Fuel Selector Valve $25.26
MC0513126 FITTING, Fuel Outlet $102.97
MC0513126-1 FITTING, Fuel Outlet $173.91
MC0516011-2 HOUSING, Positioning $122.89
MC0716143-3 VALVE ROTOR $728.84
MC0716143-4 VALVE ROTOR $728.84
MC0716143-9 VALVE ROTOR $728.84
MC0716144-1 VALVE BODY $0.000

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