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Replacement Parts for Cessna Fuel Valves
McFarlane has a complete line of replacement parts for Cessna fuel valves including detent plates, springs, plastic seals, cams and much more. Most items are in stock and ready to ship!


Catalog Information and Eligibility





Replacement Parts for 150-152 Fuel Selector Valves and 185 Shut-Off Valves

Replacement Parts for McFarlane and Cessna 150-152 and 185 Valves


  • Cover, rotors, bodies, o-rings, roll pins, and seals in stock!
  • Unique and common components for P/N MC9851078-4 and MC9851070-2 below
  • Save $$$






Replacement Parts for McFarlane 170, 172, 175 and 177 Series Fuel Valves







Replacement Parts for McFarlane 177, 182 and 185 Series Fuel Valves







FAA-PMA Approved Cessna 150 and 152 Fuel Indicator Plates

Replace your old plastic placard with our new material indicator plates!


  • Powder coated for fade resistance
  • Reference your current tank capacity with your model when ordering
  • Eligible Series: 150J-M, A150K-M, F150J-L, FA150K-M, 152, A152, F152, FA152



P/N Tank Capacity
MC0410218-10 22.5 gallons
MC0410218-11 21.5 gallons
MC0405050-1 24.5 gallons
MC0405050-2 27.5 gallons
MC0410218-12-279 35.0 gallons
MC0410218-13-279 37.5 gallons



Part Number Description Your Price Stock
S2385-3 WASHER
Free Shipping on orders over $500
S2385-4 WASHER
Free Shipping on orders over $500
S2385-5 WASHER
Free Shipping on orders over $500
Free Shipping on orders over $500

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