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APS Lining Retaining Rivets and Pins 
Lining retaining pins are used on various metallic brake linings and rivets are used on various organic brake linings.




Description Part Number Head Diameter Shank Diameter
Rivet APS105-00200 5/16" 5/32"
Rivet APS105-06700 5/16"  3/16" 
Pin APS177-00300 5/16" 5/32"
Pin APS177-00400 5/16" 3/16"
Pin APS177-01600 3/8" 3/16"

Brake discs and linings also sold separately.


Please note: 
Eligibility depends on the wheel, brake, and aircraft make, model, and serial number. Please see the 
current catalog information or click "View Eligible Aircraft" and read any applicable comments to verify and/or determine eligibility.



Brake bleed valveswheel bearing cups and cones, and wheel grease seals also available. 

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
APS105-00200 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-01100 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-01200 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-01300 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-02401 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-06700 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-06800 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS105-08701 RIVET
Free Shipping
APS177-00300 PIN
Free Shipping
APS177-00400 PIN
Free Shipping
APS177-01600 PIN
Free Shipping
APS177-09300 PIN
Free Shipping

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