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Templates make the job of transferring the original Cessna rivet hole pattern from the old seat rail to the new seat rail easy!


  • Inexpensive
  • Achieve a precise fit every time


One template per seat rail is required


SRTEM1 = 1.5" x 38.0" x 0.025"

SRTEM2 = 2.25" x 30.0" x 0.025"

SRTEM3 = 1.5" x 58.63" x 0.025"

SRTEM4 = 1.5" x 71.5" 0.025"


Models 150-152 do not require templates as the screw holes are predrilled. Model 177 Cardinal seat rails require one (1) SRTEM3 templates per rail. Seat rail series MC0511240, MC0511243, MC0514209 and MC2414002 use SRTEM2. All other rail series use SRTEM1.


To use the templates:


  1. Clamp the template to your old seat rail.
  2. Drill holes through the holes in the old seat rail into the template.
  3. Clamp the template to the new seat rail and drill several holes through the template and new seat rail.
  4. Set the new seat rail in position in the aircraft and check for proper seat rail alignment. The seat rails must be properly aligned and parallel with each other.
  5. Clamp the templates again to the new seat rail and make any required alignment adjustments discovered during the aircraft test installation.
  6. Drill all of the required holes through the template and the new seat rail

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Custom Seat Rails also available.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
SRTEM1 TEMPLATE, Seat Rail, Narrow
Free Shipping
SRTEM2 TEMPLATE, Seat Rail, Wide
Free Shipping
SRTEM3 TEMPLATE, Seat Rail, Long $7.63
SRTEM4 TEMPLATE, Seat Rail $10.16

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