Throttle Controls

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X Category: Throttle Controls

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6408 HARDWARE KIT, Dual Throttle $47.00
6433-1 CLAMP, Conduit, 0.188 diameter $9.44
6620 KNOB, Black, 1/4-20 $8.73
6822 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Red, Left $16.72
7140 KIT, Rotax Throttle Springs $34.42
7235 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Blue, Right $16.23
MC35-944046-7 CONTROL, Throttle $345.87
MC36-380084-3 CONTROL, Throttle $222.75
MC50-389012-15 CONTROL, Throttle $420.43
MC50-389012-19 CONTROL, Throttle, Mixture $1400.00
MC50-389012-23 CONTROL, Throttle, Prop, Mixture $486.20
MC50-389012-29 CONTROL, Throttle, Mixure $501.10
MC102-389010-47 CONTROL, Throttle, Prop, Mixture $230.00
MC455-139 CONTROL (Throttle) $447.49
MC455-322 CONTROL (Throttle, Mixture, Propeller) $289.07
MC455-333 CONTROL (Throttle) $249.91
MC455-344 CONTROL (Throttle, Mixture, Propeller) $146.88
MC455-350 CONTROL (Throttle) $170.70
MC455-353 CONTROL (Throttle) $187.11
MC455-358 CONTROL (Throttle) $199.72

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