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Part Number: 6822

SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Red, Left

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Also part of the Dual Throttle hardware kit part number 6408.


Rotax Throttle Return Springs
Stop throttle creep!


A common complaint about the Rotax 912/914 engines is that the throttle return springs are too strong. McFarlane stocks a variety of springs so you can choose the one that best fits your application. All McFarlane throttle controls for Rotax engines include P/N 7140 springs.


Unique hook design for left and right applications provides for better fit and retention.


  • New design limits potential contact with adjacent parts
  • Less than half the strength of the original stock Rotax springs
  • Tailored for Rotax engines, including the Vans RV-12 aircraft
  • Prevents throttle "creep" due to excessive return spring force
  • Requires 1 per carburetor (2 per engine)


Spring P/N Relaxed Spring Length (max in) Approx. Pre Load (lbf) Spring Rate (lbf/in)
6822, Red, Left 1.6  1.5  2.1-2.7 
7235, Blue, Right 1.6 1.5 2.1-2.7
Rotax Original 1.8 (approx.) 2.0 8-12 (approx.)

Note: Installer is responsible for determining whether this spring is an appropriate substitution for their application. For use on non-certified aircraft.



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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
6818 6822

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