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Engine Controls for Vans RV Series Aircraft



High quality controls at an affordable price
McFarlane offers mixture, propeller, and Vernier-Assist throttle controls for the Vans RV series aircraft. Our solid metal construction and Teflon lined conduit provide precise positive control even after years of service in the harshest environments.


Quick delivery, no long lead times!

  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Vibration dampening features
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Consistent quality  


Part Number Control Aircraft
MCRV10-M  Mixture RV 10
MCRV10-P Propeller RV 10
MCRV10-T Throttle RV 10
MCRV10-TV Throttle, Vernier-Assist RV 10
MCRV12-TV Throttle, Dual, Vernier-Assist RV 12


McFarlane rod endsconduit clampsadel clamps, and wire clamps also available!

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6822 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Red, Left $18.09
7140 KIT, Rotax Throttle Springs $37.22
7235 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Blue, $16.23
MCRV10-M CONTROL, Mixture, RV10
Free Shipping on orders over $500
Free Shipping on orders over $500
MCRV10-T CONTROL, Throttle, RV10
Free Shipping on orders over $500
MCRV10-TV CONTROL, Throttle, RV10
Free Shipping on orders over $500
MCRV12-TV CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, RV12
Free Shipping on orders over $500

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