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Please note: Effective October 11, 2021 the proprietary Magnet Inspection Aid for SPIN EZ Oil Filters is no longer available. Filters with a Date Code of 5L and beyond will not have the magnet feature.




Tempest™ Oil Filters 

The best oil filters in the industry at the lowest price! 


  • Strengthened can
  • Increased Burst strength
  • Full pleat media designed for uniform flow and collapse resistance
  • Spin EZ­® lubricant for easy removal of the filter
  • Better by-pass value


Improved Nut Welds
Nut welds so strong the can will tear before the weld. No more frustration with installation nuts twisting off! 


Meets TCM Bypass Specification of 12-14 psi, reducing the risk of premature bypass that can result in unfiltered oil flowing to your engine.


Burst Strength of 600 psi
Significant improvements to the roll seam process used on the bottom of the can substantially improved the design burst strength to over 600 pounds per square inch, exceeding the ARP 1400 standards by 50 percent. Extra strength gives added assurance that Tempest oil filters are made to withstand the harshest operating conditions.


Non-Stick Gaskets
Incorporate specially lubricated synthetic rubber base gaskets to help insure proper torque during installation and easy removal. 


Please note: The proprietary Magnet Inspection Aid for SPIN EZ Oil Filters is no longer available. Please see the Press Release for more information. 



Oil Filter

Overall Dimensions


Installation Torque


4 3/8" H x 3 3/4" Dia. 

13/16-16 Female 

16-18 FT LBS 


6 3/16" H x 3 3/4" Dia.  

13/16-16 Female 

16-18 FT LBS 


4 3/8" H x 3 3/4" Dia. 

3/4-16 Female

16-18 FT LBS 


6 3/16" H x 3 3/4" Dia.  

3/4-16 Female 

16-18 FT LBS 


4 3/8" H x 3 3/4" Dia. 

3/4-16 Male 

16-18 FT LBS 


ote: All Cessna aircraft modified under Cessna Service bulletin SEB-93-1 or MEB-93-1 require Tempest Oil Filter AA48108. The AA48109 may be used if clearance permits installation.

Tempest vs. Champion
Oil Filter Comparison



EZ Wrench Extension
P/N AA474
Install the oil filter nut with ease using this extension  
Torque Wrench
Easy installation or removal of all aviation oil filters
Can Cutter
P/N AA470
Can be used on all aircraft oil filters!Light weight and durable 
Media Cutter
P/N AA471
An efficient and safe way to cut the media pack open
and spread the pleates during inspection!
EZ Drain Tool
Saves time, prevents drips and spills, and makes cleanup easy!
Works on horizontally or vertically mounted oil filters!
All oil priced at COST!
We want to keep you flying!


Eligibility Notice

Please verify that this product is eligible for your aircraft before adding it to your cart.

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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
48103 AA48103-2
48103-1 AA48103-2
AA48103-2-6PK AA48103-2
CH48103 AA48103-2
CH48103-1 AA48103-2
ES48103 AA48103-2

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Eligibility Chart
Aero Commander (Rockwell/Fuji) 700 700 70002 70032 1545
Beechcraft 76 76 ME-2 ME-437 1545
Cessna 172 172N 17267585 17274009 1545
Cessna 177 177A 17701165 17701370 1545
Cessna 177 177B 17701371 17702752 1545
Cessna 177 177RG 177RG0001 177RG1366 1545
Cessna 182 R182 R18200001 R18202041 1545
Cessna 182 T182 18267716 18268541 1545
Cessna 182 TR182 R18200584 R18202041 1545
Cessna 310 310 35000 35546 1545
Maule M-5 M-5-210TC 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1545
Maule M-5 M-5-235C 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1545
Maule M-6 M-6-235 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1545
Maule M-7 M-7-235 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1545
Maule M-7 MX-7-235 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 1545
Mooney M20 M20J 24-0002 24-3431 1545
Piper PA-28 PA-28-235 28-10001 28-7710089 1545
Piper PA-28 PA-28R-180 28R-30002 28R-7130013 1545
Piper PA-31 PA-31-325 31-7400990 31-8312019 1545
Piper PA-31 PA-31-350 31-5001 31-8553002 1545
Piper PA-31 PA-31-350 (T1020) 31-8253001 31-8553002 1545
Piper PA-32 PA-32-301 3206001 3206060 1545
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-300 32R-7680001 32R-7880068 1545
Piper PA-32 PA-32R-301 3213001 3213103 1545
Piper PA-32 PA-32RT-300T 32R-7787001 32R-7987126 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200 34-7250001 34-7450220 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-200T 34-7570001 34-8170092 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-220T 3433001 3433172 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-220T 3447001 3447029 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-220T 3448001 3448079 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-220T 3449001 3449999 1545
Piper PA-34 PA-34-220T 34-8133001 34-8633031 1545
Piper PA-38 PA-38-112 38-78A0001 38-82A0122 1545
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 44-7995001 44-8195026 1545
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 4495001 4495013 1545
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180 4496001 4496999 1545
Piper PA-44 PA-44-180T 44-8107001 44-8207020 1545
Piper PA-46 PA-46-350P (w/ G1000) 4636460 4636999 1545
Piper PA-46 PA-46-350P (w/o G1000) 4622001 4622200 1545
Piper PA-46 PA-46-350P (w/o G1000) 4636001 4636999 1545

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