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Part Number: CCA-2474

ADAPTER, Rotax Oil Tank Drain Valve

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  • 12MM 1.75
  • Aluminum
  • Rotax oil tank adapter for late models with CCA-2450 oil drain valve


Oil Drain Valve Adapters
Used with CCA-2450 and CCA-2460 oil drain valves to adapt to Rotax and Jaribu engines.
Adapters are for non-certified aircraft only.


P/N  Thread  Material  Notes 
CCA-2470 12MM 1.75  Aluminum  Rotax 90-degree adapter for CCA-2450 oil drain valve 
CCA-2474 12MM 1.75  Aluminum  Rotax oil tank adapter for late models with CCA-2450
CCA-2480 1/2-20 UNF  Aluminum  Jaribu 90-degree adapter for CCA-2460 oil drain valve 



Eligibility Notice

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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
9504612 CCA-2474
BJ1000A-1 CCA-2474
BJ1000A-2 CCA-2474
BJ1000AS1MX CCA-2474
BJ1000AS1MY CCA-2474

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