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Part Number: MC0513120-9


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Fuel Selector & Fuel Shut-Off Valves for Cessna Aircraft


Why not just repair my valve?

Many of the original valves have too much damage to be repaired cost-effectively. The original Cessna fuel valve that started in model 170 was a simple but ingenious cam ball design that has proven very reliable over the years. McFarlane has repaired a lot of these original Cessna valves, and we know them well. However, we are now rejecting a big percentage of the valve cores sent to us. A lot of them have corrosion damage in the main body that is too severe to fix, or the O-ring retention area is damaged and too rough to seal. Many of the fittings are corroded through. The cam bearing is brass and easily corrodes the aluminum alloy cam. From years of experience, McFarlane found flaws that degrade the service life and repairability of the original Cessna valves. We directly address these issues in our improved design to provide a higher quality, longer-lasting valve.


Proven Design with Improvements

Improved corrosion resistance: McFarlane’s new valves are totally anodized where the original valves were Alodine conversion coated. This change drastically improves the surface durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of all the components, and they will stay pretty too! Corrosion protection is important since the valves are at the lowest point in the fuel system without any upstream water separation or contaminate screening. We have also eliminated the brass bushing that corrodes the cam.


Improved O-ring retention: Modern machining processes lets us precision machine the O-ring capture cavity. The original valve O-rings were retained by staking (stamp forming) the housing. This process was inconsistent at best and distressed and weakened the surrounding aluminum structure.


More balanced fuel flow: Yesterday’s manual machining process of the original valves were often inconsistent enough to let one port flow more fuel than needed while the other port might flow a very marginal amount of fuel. The new McFarlane valve is computer machined for a perfect balance of fuel flow.


Fully Tested

You can rest assured that if it’s a new McFarlane valve or a valve repaired by McFarlane, it will be pressure, functional, and flow tested to perform to the highest standards.


Now for more good news!

All of the improved parts in our new valve are interchangeable with the original Cessna valve. This means that if your valve is good (with the exception of a few parts), we can fix it at a reasonable price! Whether you need your valve repaired or a new valve, we will save you money.



Repair kits

FSO-KT-1 thru FSO-KT-24


  • Contains all required hardware to reseal and perform a repair
  • Seals, springs, O-rings, roll pins, washers, screws, balls and plug
  • FSO-KT-1 for 0716613 series valves includes the parts contained in Cessna P/N 0716613-200 and -201 seal kits plus additional hardware required for a basic repair
  • All parts are FAA approved or certifi ed industry standard hardware


Many Cessna Fuel valves (including the 0716613 series) require special tools and processes for reassembly.

It's often more cost effective to have McFarlane repair your valve.

To learn more go to Repair Kits or FSO-KT-1 thru FSO-KT-24



Seal Kits

FSS-KT-1 thru FSS-KT-20

Only McFarlane has FAA approval to replace the old, less fuel resistant O-rings with the latest fuel-proof fluorocarbon O-rings!


  • Conveniently packaged! Includes all necessary O-rings and/or gaskets applicable to specific single engine Cessna aircraft models
  • Replace old MS or NAS series O-rings with Fluorocarbon for improved fuel and heat resistance
  • Cork/rubber gaskets meet tough government standards for fuel resistance


Gaskets, Fittings, and O-rings


  • Gaskets are available individually or as convenient kits 
  • O-rings are available in quantities of 10 each or as convenient kits
  • Commonly replaced AN fittings in stock!
  • 45° plug P/N AN823-8D and 90° plug P/N MS20822-8D


  • Complete line of replacement parts for Cessna fuel valves
  • Detent plates, springs, plastic seals, cams and more in-stock!
  • Unique and common components for McFarlane and Cessna fuel valves and fuel selector valves available


To learn more go to Replacement Parts




Maintenance Tip!
The fuel selector valve works in unscreened fuel. Contaminated fuel can cause selector valve seal damage. When fueling from possibly contaminated fuel sources, McFarlane recommends the use of a micro-screened funnel, such as Mr. Funnel.


Eligibility Notice

Please verify that this product is eligible for your aircraft before adding it to your cart.

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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
0513120-9 MC0513120-9

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Eligibility Chart
Cessna 177 177 17700001 17701164 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE 7091
Cessna 177 177A 17701165 17701370 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE 7091
Cessna 177 177B 17701371 17702752 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE 7091

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