Brake and Wheel Components

Title Document Type
APS Break-In Procedures Installation, Use, and Maintenance Instructions
Propeller Balancing Bushing Kit Installation Instructions Installation, Use, and Maintenance Instructions
Wheel Balancer Instructions Installation, Use, and Maintenance Instructions
Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy? Maintenance and Product Guides
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2019-06: Caravan Brake Kits, Door Hinges, Flight Control Cables, Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-3: Cessna 208 Elevator and Rudder Kits, P/N EXTENSION CT12, Piper Alternator V-Belt, P/N TOOL108, Piper Carb Heat Control, AERO Friedrichshafen McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-10: Wheel Seal Kits, Trim Wheel Shafts and Sprockets, PROP GUARD Video McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-3: Wheel Balancers, Prop Balancer, APS Lining for Caravan and Kodiak, APS Disc for RV-10 McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-7: CBS Kits, Oshkosh McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-8-31: Vacuum Pump Cooling Kit, Wheel Bearings, Trim Actuator Boots and Clamps, Aileron Trim & Flap Indicator Cables for Cessna Caravan McFarlane Newsletters
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-4: Commonly Replaced Placards, Landing and Taxi Lights from AeroLEDs, Custom Shipping Box Machine, Wheel Grease Seal Kits McFarlane Newsletters
APS Minimum Wear Dimensions Non-Reference Documents
Wheel to Kit Reference Non-Reference Documents
Wheel Balancer - U.S. Patent No. US 9,032,793 B1 Patents
2012-03-27 Aircraft Wheel Balancer Press Releases
2012-06-05 Brake Bleed Valves Press Releases
Current McFarlane Product Catalog Product Catalogs and Price Lists

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