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X Category: Miscellaneous

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
101-9048-21AWL HOSE, Exhaust Stack, B-200 $85.99
129-950033-1AWL REINFORCEMENT DOUBLER, 1900D $285.00
35656-02AWL LINK ASSEMBLY, PA28-151/161/180/181 $38.40
78463-11AWL SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, Tailpipe, PA34-200 $818.13
654274AWL VALVE, Bypass Adjustment, TSIO-360-KB $1220.00
654302AWL VALVE, Bypass Adjustment, TSIO-360-F $1220.00
654305AWL TIE ROD END, TSIO/LTSIO-360 E/KB $135.00
654306AWL TIE ROD END, TSIO/LTSIO-360 E/KB $135.00
654309AWL BUSHING, TSIO-520/550 $38.37
654333AWL LINK $193.98
A24793-004 STRAP $45.64
A9910296-7 SLIP JOINT, SS $349.00
A9910299-3 SEAL, Elbow, LH $725.00
A9910299-3I SEAL, Elbow, , Inconel, LH $1125.00
A9910299-4 SEAL, Elbow, RH $725.00
A9910299-4I SEAL, Elbow, , Inconel, RH $1125.00
C2EE359AWL SLEEVE ASSEMBLY, Seg #1&2/8&9 $303.26
C2EE363AWL SLEEVE ASSEMBLY, Seg #2&3/7&8 $303.26
C2EE367AWL SLEEVE ASSEMBLY, Seg #3&4/6&7 $303.26
C2EE371AWL SLEEVE ASSEMBLY, Seg #5&6 $303.26

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