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Fuel System Components

Can I use a McFarlane transmitter on a Cessna 152 aircraft?
Do I need to remove the Cessna fuel strainer standpipe to clean the fuel screen?
Do you have any advice for installing a McFarlane fuel vent line?
How do I keep contaminants out of my fuel system?
How do I know when to replace or service my fuel selector valve?
I have just installed my new Fuel Pump and my engine will not start. Why?
I installed a new fuel quantity transmitter and the system is still not working. What is wrong?
I installed the correct fuel vent line per your eligibility and it isn’t fitting, what is the problem?
Is there a mandatory replacement time for diaphragm fuel pumps?
Should I use a sealer or lubrication for my Viton gaskets?
What is SEB99-18R1 about?
What is causing my fuel pressure to fall below the “green arc”?
What is causing my fuel pressure to fluctuate?
What is causing the fuel (or oil) to leak from my Fuel Pump drain line?
What pressure is used to test the fuel selector valves after repairs?
Why does my new fuel vent line appear to be slightly shorter or longer than the original?

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