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Controls for Dual Carburetor 912/914 Series Rotax Engines
Allows a neat, clean installation without a clunky splitter box

  • Quality metal construction and high temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control
    (Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures)
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 foot and custom lengths
    • Easily trimmed to length
  • Manufactured to the same quality standards as McFarlane's FAA-PMA parts
  • Not for use on certified aircraft, or for flight controls or flight control trim tabs



Throttle Controls:

  • Flexible 1/16 1x7 stainless steel twisted inner wire
  • Versatile threaded conduit terminals for easy adjustment (M6x1 x 1" thread)
  • Adjustable cable stops to limit travel


Panel Mount (MCT100D series):


Quadrant Style (MCQ100D series):

  • Convenient dual conduit clamp for simple quadrant mounting
  • Viton boot to dampen vibration and seal out dust on the quadrant end
  • Go to Quadrant Style Throttle Controls for more details


Vernier-Assist (MCTV0005D and MCVA0005-30DLLL series):

  • New roller action vernier provides smooth jam-proof coarse and fine adjustment without a release button
  • Light-weight and compact behind the dash
  • Go to Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls for more details


Choke Controls:

  • Flexible 1/16 1x7 stainless steel twisted inner wire
  • Includes two adjustable cable stops to attach to the carb choke arm (no swaging or soldering necessary)
  • Many knob styles


Turn-to-Lock (MCTL1014D series):

  • Turn-to-lock mechanism that requires a quarter turn of the knob to lock or unlock the control at any position.
  • Go to Turn-to-Lock Choke Controls for more details.


Non-Locking (MCC101D series):

  • Internal elastomer seal to dampen vibration and provide a small amount of resistance.
  • Go to Non-Locking Choke Controls for more details.

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6277B KNOB, Round, Black $9.89
6277BC KNOB, Round, Black, Choke $15.88
6277C KNOB, Round, Clear $9.89
6277CC KNOB, Round, Clear, Choke $15.88
6277L KNOB, Round, Blue $9.89
6277LC KNOB, Round, Blue, Choke $15.88
6277R KNOB, Round, Red $9.89
6277RC KNOB, Round, Red, Choke $15.88
6408 HARDWARE KIT, Dual Throttle $49.35
6409 .05 ALLEN WRENCH $0.83
6415 PANEL BOLT, Turn-to-Lock $7.18
6416 PIN, Turn-to-Lock $4.07
6417 KNOB, T-Handle $5.07
6418 KNOB, T-Handle, Turn-to-Lock $12.54
6420 FERRULE, Turn-to-Lock, Brass $8.17
6423 FERRULE, Turn-to-Lock, Nylon $4.31
6427 KNOB, 4-Prong $8.27
6428 KNOB, 4-Prong, Turn-to-Lock $16.17
6429 KNOB, Fluted $6.00
6430 KNOB, Fluted, Turn-to-Lock $11.94

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