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Throttle Controls for Dual Carburetor 912/914 Rotax Series Engines
Allows a neat, clean installation without a clunky splitter box

  • Quality metal construction and high temperature Teflon lined conduit for smooth, consistent control
    (Cheapy controls with poly liners will not tolerate engine temperatures)
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 12 foot and custom lengths
    • Easily trimmed to length
  • Manufactured to the same quality standards as McFarlane's FAA-PMA parts


Includes throttle hardware kit P/N 6408 with lightweight throttle return P/N 6822 to prevent throttle creep


Panel Mount (MCT100D series):


Quadrant Style (MCQ100D series):

  • Convenient dual conduit clamp for simple quadrant mounting
  • Viton boot to dampen vibration and seal out dust on the quadrant end
  • Go to Quadrant Style Throttle Controls for more details


Vernier-Assist (MCTV0005D and MCVA0005-30DLLL series):

  • New roller action vernier provides smooth jam-proof coarse and fine adjustment without a release button
  • Light-weight and compact behind the dash
  • Go to Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls for more details


These controls are not for use on certified aircraft, or for use for flight controls or flight control trim tabs.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
6408 HARDWARE KIT, Dual Throttle $49.35
6433-1 CLAMP, Conduit, 0.188 diameter $9.92
6822 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Red, Left $17.56
7140 KIT, Rotax Throttle Springs $36.14
7235 SPRING, Throttle, Rotax, Blue, Right $16.23
MCQ100D048 CONTROL, Quadrant, Dual, 4 ft $192.16
MCQ100D072 CONTROL, Quadrant, Dual, 6 ft $202.91
MCQ100D096 CONTROL, Quadrant, Dual, 8 ft $226.52
MCQ100D144 CONTROL, Quadrant, Dual, 12 ft $240.57
MCT100D048 CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 4 ft $198.90
MCT100D048-B CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 4 ft, Ball Knob $198.90
MCT100D072 CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 6 ft $209.65
MCT100D072-B CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 6 ft, Ball Knob $209.65
MCT100D096 CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 8 ft $233.66
MCT100D096-B CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 8 ft, Ball Knob $233.66
MCT100D144 CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 12 Ft $233.70
MCT100D144-B CONTROL, Throttle, Dual, 12 ft, Ball Knob $233.70
MCTV0005D048 CONTROL, Throttle Vernier-Assist, Dual, 4 ft $267.68
MCTV0005D072 CONTROL, Throttle Vernier-Assist, Dual, 6 ft $277.46
MCTV0005D096 CONTROL, Throttle Vernier-Assist, Dual, 8 ft $287.25

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