McFarlane Aviation Products - CCB-39600-4

Part Number: CCB-39600-4

HOSE, Quick Drain

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Quick Drain Hoses

Curtis quick drains hoses are designed to work with the Curtis quick drain valves. In most cases, a simple push and twist action locks the quick drain hose in place. Waste liquid flows through five feet of high grade vinyl tubing, preventing messy spills and making a safer, cleaner environment. Tubing will not harden in sub-freezing temperatures.


Part Number Connector color Used with valve part number:
CCB-39600-1 Black CCA-1400, CCA-1700, CCA-39550
CCB-39600-2 Blue CCA-1350, CCA-2450, CCA-1650, CCA-4950
CCB-39600-3 Yellow CCA-1300, CCA-1600, CCA-3400, CCA-3600, CCA-4800,
CCA-4900, CCA-39000
CCB-39600-4 Silver CCA-4350CCA-36400
CCB-39600-5 Brass CCA-1250, CCA-1550, CCA-4300, CCA-7450, CCA-9950,



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OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
1100B52Z-G CCB-39600-4
71D-4 CCB-39600-4
BJ1000AS1M CCB-39600-4

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Eligibility Chart
Many Many Many 0 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 6753

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