Part Number: MS24665-132

COTTER PIN, 1/16"" X 1/2""

Product Details

Cotter Pins


Part Number Dimensions Material Equivalent AN No.
MS24665-1013  1/16" X 7/16" Corrosion resistant steel  
MS24665-132 1/16" X 1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-2-2
MS24665-134 1/16" X 3/4" Carbon Steel AN380-2-3
MS24665-136 1/16" X 1" Carbon Steel AN380-2-4
MS24665-138 1/16" X 1-1/4" Carbon Steel AN380-2-5
MS24665-140 1/16" X 1-1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-2-6
MS24665-143 1/16" X 2" Carbon Steel AN380-2-8
MS24665-144 1/16" X 2-1/2" Carbon Steel  
MS24665-155 1/16" X 1" Stainless Steel AN381-2-16
MS24665-170 1/16" X 1/2" Brass  
MS24665-24 1/32" X 3/4" Stainless Steel AN381-1-12
MS24665-281 3/32" X 1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-3-2
MS24665-283 3/32" X 3/4" Carbon Steel AN380-3-3
MS24665-285 3/32" X 1" Carbon Steel AN380-3-4
MS24665-287 3/32" X " 1-1/4" Carbon Steel AN380-3-5
MS24665-289 3/32" X 1-1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-3-6
MS24665-292 3/32" X 2" Carbon Steel AN380-3-8
MS24665-295 3/32" X 3" Carbon Steel  
MS24665-353 1/8" X 1" Carbon Steel AN380-4-4
MS24665-355 1/8" X 1-1/4" Carbon Steel AN380-4-5
MS24665-357 1/8" X 1-1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-4-6
MS24665-360 1/8" X 2" Carbon Steel AN380-4-8
MS24665-5 1/32" X 1/2" Carbon Steel AN380-1-2
MS24665-7 1/32" X 3/4" Carbon Steel AN380-1-3
MS24665-71 3/64" X 3/4" Carbon Steel  
MS24665-82  3/64" X 1/4" Corrosion resistant steel   
warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -


OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
424-051 MS24665-132
AN380-2-1 MS24665-132
AN380-2-2 MS24665-132
AN381-2-2 MS24665-132

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart

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