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Are AeroShell multigrade and AeroShell single grade oils compatible?
Can I switch from a straight AeroShell mineral oil to a single grade ashless dispersant oil?
Do AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 and AeroShell Oil W 100 perform the same in an engine?
Do all AeroShell oils meet SAE specifications?
Do straight mineral oils have the same low temperature flow as straight ashless oils?
Does an oil change just include draining the hot oil, changing and inspecting the filter, and refill?
Does the W in AeroShell Oil W stand for winter?
How can I determine which oil is qualified for my aircraft engine?
How can I make sure my oil temperature is accurate and identify the correct oil temperature range?
How important are baffles and seals to cylinder temperature?
How important is preheating my engine?
How often should I change my oil?
I like to use multigrade oil for better cold stars, but like protection of single grade oil. How can I get the best of both?
If my aircraft engine has a Supplemental Type Certificate for automotive gasoline, can I break in?
My oil temperature seems to be running low. Is this a problem?
What can I do to ensure the accuracy and value of an oil analysis?
What is "breaking in" of engine?
What is the best way to judge an aviation oil?
When I drain my oil, should the engine be hot?
Why does oil turn black between oil changes, and why does the time it takes to change color vary?

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