Cessna Nose Wheel Steering Rods, Boots, Doublers




Steering Rod Boots
McFarlane steering rod boots are manufactured with a black Kevlar/fiberglass blend fabric. The fatigue resistance of Kevlar is uniquely mated with the fire resistance of fiberglass. This is a super tough, high temperature fabric that will provide many years of outstanding performance.


  • P/Ns MC0413304-3 for 150-152 and MC0543015-6 for 172, 175 and early 182
  • Keeps the exhaust  and carbon monoxide out of the cabin
  • Protects the cabin in case of an engine fire



Steering Rods
Tired of "soft" worn out steering rods? Make it steer like new again: Replace them with improved McFarlane steering rods.


  • New redesigned long life springs!
  • Stainless steel tubes for improved corrosion resistance (MC0543022 Series)
  • Hardened internal washer for greater durability
  • Optimum performance even after years of service



Doublers and Rod Ends




For ordering information, go to Steering Rods, Boots and Doublers.



Maintenance Tip:
How do I know if my steering rods need to be replaced?

  • Nose wheel steering is unusually sluggish
  • One or both sides offer little or no spring resistance to steering output
  • More than 1-1/8" of free travel is present in either steering rod
  • The aircraft pulls to either side during taxiing
  • Inconsistent steering or rudder rigging



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