Control Surface Skins

 Control Surface Skins
  • More precise corrugation spacing and shape
  • No pre-drilled holes to misalign
  • Precisely formed and CNC cut to shape to match OEM skins 
  • Direct replacement - No STC required
  • Available as convenient kits or individually 

 Improved Cessna 170/190/195 Elevator Trim Skins

Minor change results in major improvement! 

Original design:

Improved design:

For more information go to Elevator Trim Skins.
Flap Skins
FAA-PMA Approved - Stronger Design - Unmatched Quality   
For more information go to Flap Skins.

Elevator Skins

New smooth elevator skins for 150 thru 172!  
For more information go to Elevator Skins. 
Aileron Skins
For ordering information go to Aileron Skins.
Rudder Skins
New smooth rudder skins for 150 thru 175!
 For more information go to Rudder Skins.
Rudder Pedals also available.
Flight Control Cables


Convienient kits available.

Cables and Chains, Flight Control


Everything from nose to tail!

Check out our extensive inventory of Plastic and Fiberglass Interior and Exterior! 
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