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Cessna Steering Bungee

Steering Bungee 

For Cessna 182E thru 182T


Tired of "soft" worn out steering rods?  

Replace them with improved McFarlane steering rods.


  • More durable and lasts longer than the OEM
  • Save thousands $$$
  • More secure retention method
  • Stronger and thicker washers
  • Treated for anti-corrosion, primed, and painted



Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy? by Dave McFarlane


Steering Bungee Sprocket, Rod End, and Steering Rod Boots also available!



Maintenance Tip!
How do I know if my steering rods need to be replaced?


  • Nose wheel steering is unusually sluggish
  • The aircraft pulls to either side during taxiiing
  • Inconsistent steering or rudder rigging


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