Beechcraft Bonanza Push-Pull Controls

Throttle, Propeller and Mixture Controls for your Beechcraft Bonanza


Our engine and propeller controls incorporate a number of unique features that make McFarlane Controls the highest quality engine and propeller controls on the market. If you don't already have our engine controls in your aircraft, it's time to upgrade to the best!


FAA-PMA Approved Beechcraft Bonanza Controls

  • All metal construction
  • Pilot friendly knobs
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Superior low friction conduit



Buttonless Vernier-Assist now available for your throttle!

Fine adjustments are made by rotating the knob clockwise or counterclockwise and coarse adjustments by pushing and pulling without the hassle of a release button. The McFarlane Vernier-Assist™ throttle controls use a patented roller action.

  • Jam-proof safety
  • Precision power adjustments
  • Smooth friction control
  • Light and compact
  • Standard vernier action, without the button!


To find the control for your aircraft, to go Controls, Push Pull.


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