New F. Atlee Dodge Airframe Parts for Cessna Aircraft 


McFarlane is pleased to announce many new exhaust and engine parts from F. Atlee Dodge. With a focus on toughness, reliability, and cost savings, these parts are made to hold up to the rigors of the Alaskan bush. F. Atlee has been aggressively expanding their FAA-PMA replacement parts for Cessna aircraft, with a focus on the hard-working Cessna 180/185 and 206/207 series. Save big with these new Alaska bush-tough parts!


Boot Cowl Handle
P/Ns 3354H
  • Cessna 180H,J, A185E,F, U206/TU206A thru G, P206/TP206A
  • Undrilled for exact placement and fit
  • Larger to accommodate gloves



Boot Cowl Step

P/N 3354S

  • Cessna U206/TU206A thru G, P206/TP206A
  • Undrilled and white powder coated
  • Larger to accommodate hunting and fishing footwear





P/N 3354D

  • Many Cessnas
  • Reinforces cowl handle and step



Trim Wheel Shaft

P/N AD0761205-9

  • Cessna 180H,J,K, 185D,E, A185E,F
  • Better roll pin engagement
  • Save nearly 80%



Folding Rear Seats

P/Ns 3187-182E, 3187

  • Cessna 170, 172, 175, 182, 185 series
  • Includes LH and RH seats
  • 20 lbs lighter than original bench seat
  • 50% more baggage space 



V-Brace Assemblies

P/Ns AD0513003-19, AD0713103-2

  • Cessna 180 and 185
  • Thicker base plate and feet to prevent cracking
  • Legs made with 304 annealed stainless steel
  • Longer service life
  • Save almost $3000!