New F. Atlee Dodge Exhaust and Engine Parts for Cessna Aircraft 

McFarlane is pleased to announce many new exhaust and engine parts from F. Atlee Dodge. With a focus on toughness, reliability, and cost savings, these parts are made to hold up to the rigors of the Alaskan bush. F. Atlee has been aggressively expanding their FAA-PMA replacement parts for Cessna aircraft, with a focus on the hard-working Cessna 180/185 and 206/207 series. Save big with these new Alaska bush-tough parts! 



Engine Mount Bonding Strap

P/N AD0750137

  • Many Cessna 180-210 aircraft
  • 1/3 of Cessna price! 




Engine Mount Heat Shield

P/N AD1250918-2

  • Cessna 200 series
  • Long life stainless steel 




Tailpipe Support Assemblies

P/Ns AD1250258-1, AD1254003-1, AD1254003-2

  • Cessna 200 series
  • Heavy duty
  • Thicker stainless steel 




Tailpipe Hangar Assembly

P/N AD1250255-7

  • Cessna U206E,F,G and 210K,L,M,N,R
  • Tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Longer service life for less $$ 





P/Ns AD1242013-1, AD1242013-2, AD1250256-7, AD1250264-6, AD1254004-3, AD1254004-4

  • Cessna 200 series
  • Long length to protect airframe from exhaust
  • Heavier duty than OEM 




Heavy Duty Muffler Shroud

P/N AD1250250-6

  • Cessna 206 and 207
  • Stainless steel for longer life
  • Direct replacement 




Exhaust Shroud

P/N AD1250251-17

  • Cessna 205 and 206 
  • Durable, high quality construction
  • Made from thicker steel to remedy cracking around attach holes 



Breather Tubes

P/Ns AD1200106-108 (Fwd), AD1200106-166 (Aft)

  • Many Cessnas
  • Direct replacements for 50% less
  • FAA-PMA 



Alternator Adjusting Arm

P/N AD0750221-1

  • Many Cessnas
  • 1/4 less than OEM
  • Direct replacement