Aircraft Maintenance


McFarlane is the low cost solution to maintaining your aircraft!
More than 30,000 FAA-PMA products to save you money and keep you flying!


The best oil filters at the lowest price!
All the tools you need to make changing your oil quick and simple!
All oil priced at COST!
We want to keep you flying!
Advanced Engine Oil Supplement
The best spark plugs at the best price.


Keeps your system clean and improves the pneumatic system performance
So DAM good we had to share!
Greatly reduces contaminants and maximizes airflow
Simplify your work and save time!
New, Rebuilt, and Overhauled Carburetors
New and overhauld FAA-PMA assemblies
Direct replacement pumps for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Diamond, Maule, Mooney, Lake, Navion aircraft as well as Continental and Lycoming Engines. 




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