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Alternate Air Controls for Piper Aircraft 
Longer life and save up to $100



  • Special, heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability
  • Improved friction mechanism
  • Reduced vibration wear
  • Anti-rotate feature to reduce stress on the inner wire
  • High temperature Teflon lined conduit
  • Realistic price


The most often replaced controls just got better!

High quality replacement knobs duplicate the original Piper color and shape to maintain the original factory appearance of the instrument panel. To select the correct knob for your aircraft, please see the Eligibility Chart.


Also see MC70371-00 for swivel fittings (bug nuts). 



Part Number Description Your Price Stock
MC553-885 CONTROL, Alternate Air $103.77
MC554-051 CONTROL, Alternate Air $126.70
MC554-092 CONTROL, Alternate Air $112.99
MC554-130 CONTROL, Alternate Air $156.37
MC554-387 CONTROL, Alt Air $162.34
MC554-466 CONTROL, Alternate Air $174.13
MC571-131 KNOB, Round, Chrome $47.82
MC653-658 CONTROL, Alternate Air $73.52
MC70371-00 FITTING ASSEMBLY, Swivel $45.56
MC70371-002 FITTING, Swivel $13.08
MC70371-003 STUD, Swivel $26.65
MC70371-005 STUD, Swivel $25.40
MC70371-006 FITTING, Swivel $18.87
MC91193-00 FITTING, Swivel $19.77
MCS2323-1 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $22.04
MCS2323-3 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $20.14
MCS2323-7 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $23.34
MCS2323-13 WIRE CLAMP, Bolt $22.49

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