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Fuel and Oil Quick Drain Valves  
Save! Large selection, low price!

  • Simple operation - spring load close
  • FAA-PMA, FAA-TSO-C76 or Mil-Spec approved
  • A clean, no mess way to test and drain fuel or oil
  • Maintenance Tips 


SAF-AIR Aviation Products 

SAF-AIR has produced high quality close-tolerance valves since 1959. They are unique because their valves have replaceable o-rings.


  • Unique o-ring placement prevents leaks by eliminating an area where dirt can gather.
  • O-rings can be replaced instead of buying a new valve
  • Seal kits available





Curtis Superior Valve Co. Incorporated 

Curtis has produced, engineered, manufactured, and tested aircraft valves to exacting standards since 1944. They have many standard valves to solve a wide range of problems.


  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel springs
  • Specially compounded "cure dated" synthetic rubber seals to withstand a wide variety of liquids over a broad temperature range
  • Unique wedge seal design prevents leakage




Part Number Description Your Price Stock
CAV-160 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/4-18 NPT $17.40
CAV-160H-4 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/4-18 NPT $22.84
CAV-160K SEAL KIT, Fuel Drain Valve $2.90
CAV-170 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 7/16""-20 $18.85
CAV-170H-4 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 7/16""-20 $24.29
CAV-170K SEAL KIT, Fuel Drain Valve $5.80
CAV-180 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/8""-24 $18.85
CAV-180H-4 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/8""-24 $24.29
CAV-180K SEAL KIT, Fuel Drain Valve $5.80
CAV-2165 VALVE, M16x1.5 $23.20
CCA-53 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 7/16-20 UNF-3A $24.78
CCA-75 VALVE, Fuel Drain Assembly, 3/4-16 UNF-3A, Aluminum Anodized $79.73
CCA-1100 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8 NPT $23.00
CCA-1150 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8 NPT $21.32
CCA-1200 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/4-16 UNF $90.77
CCA-1250 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8 NPT $17.30
CCA-1300 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/4 NPT $17.80
CCA-1350 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 3/8 NPT $23.88
CCA-1400 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/2 NPT $37.76
CCA-1550 VALVE, Fuel Drain, 1/8 NPT $17.30

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