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X Category: Risers

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
35-950005-43AWL RISER, LH Center $132.05
40B21375AWL RISER, #6 Cylinder, TIO-540-S1AD, LH Aft $568.10
78463-002AWL RISER, PA34-200, LH Inboard $213.56
78463-007AWL RISER, PA34-200, LH Outboard $213.56
78463-012AWL RISER, PA34-200, RH Inboard $213.56
78463-016AWL RISER, PA34-200, RH Outboard $213.56
0450338-74AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C150, RH $79.58
0450338-76AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C150, LH $82.70
0454002-2AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C152, RH Aft $202.27
0454002-4AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C152, RH Forward $202.27
0454002-10AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C152, LH Aft $202.27
0454002-11AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C152, LH Forward $202.27
0750130-3AWL RISER, C180/182, RH Aft/LH Forward $213.75
0750130-4AWL RISER, C180/182, Center $213.75
0750130-5AWL RISER, C180/182, LH Aft/RH Forward $213.75
0750238-5AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C180/182/185 $61.75
1250251-9AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C206/207/210, RH $128.25
1250860-117AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, P210 $219.70
1254011-1AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C206/207/210, LH $128.25
1754008-1AWL RISER ASSEMBLY, C172, LH Aft $225.58

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