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X Category: Shrouds

Part Number Description Your Price Stock
3182 SHROUD, Pre-Heat, PA-18 $267.50
3236 SHROUD, Muffler, 2pc, PA-18 $475.00
4236 SHROUD, Muffler Cessna 180/185 $508.00
0450400-6AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C150, RH $377.73
0450400-200AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C150, LH $377.73
0450400-201AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C150, LH $377.73
0454010-1AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C152 $620.00
0454010-9AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C152 $675.00
0750161-40AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C182 $378.05
0750161-87AWL SHROUD ASSEMBLY, C180/182/185 $378.05
1750011-4AWL SHROUD, Carb Heat Box, 2", C172/177 $460.75
1750011-7AWL SHROUD, Carb Heat Box, 2.5", C172 $460.75
A62208-02 SHROUD $344.70
A63723-002 SHROUD, Carburetor Heat, Bottom, PA28 $442.27
A63723-003 SHROUD, Carburetor Heat, Top, PA28 $324.07
A66704-02 SHROUD $348.69
A0450400-6 SHROUD, RH $243.70
A0450400-200 SHROUD, LH $243.70
A0450400-201 SHROUD, LH $243.70
A0750161-40 SHROUD $362.78

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