Carb Air Boxes

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Part Number Description Your Price Stock
0550180-10AWL FLAPPER ASSEMBLY, Carb Air Box $398.00
0550180-13AWL FLANGE, Carb Attach $291.67
0552113-10AWL AIRBOX, Center Panel, C172 $318.50
0552113-11AWL CARB AIR BOX $2812.50
0552113-11AWL W/0552130-1 CARB AIR BOX, with Dynamic Propeller DP052130-1 Seal Installed, Special Order $3522.21
0552113-13AWL CARB AIR BOX $2818.50
0552113-13AWL W0552130-11 AIRBOX, C172 $2756.25
0552164-4AWL CARB AIR BOX $2825.00
0552169-6AWL FLAPPER ASSEMBLY, Carb Air Box $398.00
0750126-3AWL AIRBOX, Top Skin, C180 $739.51
0750126-21AWL AIRBOX, C180 $3703.42
0750133-1AWL AIRBOX, C182 $3301.25
0750133-9AWL FLAPPER STANDOFF, Carb Air Box $49.00
0750133-18AWL AIRBOX, C182 $3301.25
0750144-28AWL TOP SKIN, C180/182/185/188 $318.50
0750144-33AWL AIRBOX ASSEMBLY, C180/182/188 $2495.00
0750288-1AWL FLANGE, Carb Attach $527.78

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