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Elevator and Rudder Hinge Bearings

Solves all fit problems


  • Hardened corrosion resistant stainless steel, sintered bronze, or industry standard hardware
  • Convenient kits include all bushings, bearings, and hardware for Cessna 120 thru 177 and 208 aircraft


Note: Kits do not include bellcrank bearings or bushings.


McFarlane's unique Elevator and Rudder Hinge Sintered Bearing Tool is specifically designed to prevent damage when installing or removing sintered bronze elevator and rudder hinge bearings in Cessna aircraft. To learn more, go to Part Number 990.


Part Number Description Your Price Stock
990 TOOL KIT, Sintered Hinge Bearing $73.28
991 Bearing Tool A $22.99
993 Bearing Tool C $23.94
994 Bearing Receiver A $8.05
996 POUCH, Tool Kit $5.30
997 WASHER, SS, 1.00 OD x .218 ID x .051 thick $1.17
999 WASHER, SS, .875 OD x .315 ID x .090 thick $1.80
1000 Bearing Receiver C $9.73
1004 Bearing Tool B $22.10
1012 Bearing Receiver B $9.73
EBC-KT-6 BUSHING KIT, Elevator $281.06
EBC-KT-7 BUSHING KIT, Elevator $127.83
EBC-KT-8 BUSHING KIT, Elevator $534.33
MC0760679-2 BUSHING, Cessna Tail $53.50
MCS1003-11A BEARING, Rudder Hinge $27.95
MCS1003-28A BEARING, Elevator Hinge $5.63
MCS1003-29A BEARING, Elevator or Rudder Hinge $2.65
MCS1003-65A BEARING, Elevator or Rudder Hinge $15.79
MCS1004-42A BEARING, Rudder Hinge $15.71
RBC-KT-8 BUSHING KIT, Rudder $79.10

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