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Alcal 2000+ EGT/CHT/TIT System Tester/Calibrator
Trusted by aviation technicians since 1970!

The Alcal 2000+ provides everything needed for accurate calibration and troubleshooting of EGT/CHT/TIT, Type K, J and E systems. The tester simulates thermocouple output millivolts so that instruments can be calibrated on the ramp or in the shop. The Alcal 2000+ also accepts a millivolt input while testing Alcor thermocouples installed in its special heater for accurate analysis at operating temperatures.


The Alcal 2000+ is also designed to check the accuracy of an entire system or the individual components. While the thermocouple is in the heater, the instrument can be read in the panel and recalibrated as necessary while simulating temperatures up to 1750 deg F. An easy-to-read LCD display makes accurate settings a snap. With its rugged Pelican case, the Alcal 2000+ is ready to use anywhere! Certification of the Alcal 2000+ is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



New version of the trusted Alcal 2000 with these great improvements:

  • Internal carrying handle for transporting without the lid
  • 3rd EGT/TIT Heater (p/n 35291) capable of accepting competitors larger probes
  • Easy access to the fuse for quick replacement if necessary
  • Includes all reference probes and accessories needed for testing and calibrating EGT, TIT, and CHT systems
  • Redesigned Pelican case with removable lid:


Alcal Accessories and Replacement Parts


Adapter for gasket style CHT thermocouples


EGT heater for Alcal 2000 with 0.128" hole


EGT heater for older Alcal systems


CHT heater for Alcal 2000


EGT/TIT reference thermocouple for Alcal 2000


CHT reference thermocouple for Alcal 2000

ALCOR Instruments and Probes

Don't waste your money on cheap instruments and probes. There is a big difference!


Increase engine life and enhance safety through proper monitoring

  • Faster responding probes than low dollar alternatives
  • Temperature compensated gauges for accuracy all year round at any altitude
  • Single gauges monitor one cylinder, dual gauges for twin engine aircraft monitor one cylinder per engine. Add a selector switch to make an economical full engine analyzer. Lighted gauges and custom dials also available!


Alcor: A name you can trust

  • Over 50 years experience - Designed, manufactured and supported in the USA
  • Generous warranty: 3 years for gauges, 5 years for grounded probes, 1 year for ungrounded probes
  • FAA-PMA/STC approved for all aircraft with reciprocating engines


Simple installation

  • No power required from the aircraft (lighted gauges require power)
  • Works even with an electrical failure
  • Great for homebuilt or antique aircraft with no electrical system
  • Gauges include all mounting hardware
  • Standard 2 1/4" or 3 1/8" gauge sizes


Save with complete kits!

warningWARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm -


OEM Part Number McFarlane Part Number Comment
85294 85337
85323 85337
85324 85337
85331 85337

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