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Part Number: EBC-KT-8


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Hinge Bearing Kits for Cessna Caravan Aircraft

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  • Convenient kits include bearings and all attaching hardware
  • Kits for aircraft equipped with and without hinge modification service kits
  • One elevator kit and one rudder kit required per aircraft
  • Industry standard hardware


Cessna has issued several non-mandatory service bulletins and service kits for the rudder and elevator hinge bearings on the Caravan due to a corrosion issue with the needle bearing. The service kits require modification to the hinge structure, not just the bearing itself. The new bearing is a different size than the "original" design, so the mounting hardware is different as well. Because of these structural changes any aircraft that has had the service kits installed cannot use hardware from a non-service kit aircraft. McFarlane offers two kits for each surface, one for service kit equipped aircraft and one for non-service kit equipped aircraft.



Kit Components

Part Number EBC-KT-8 contains the following:

Component Description Quantity U/M
AN5-10 BOLT, AN 4.000 Each
AN5-13 BOLT, AN 1.000 Each
MS17825-5 NUT 5.000 Each
MS24461-5 BEARING 5.000 Each
MS24665-134 COTTER PIN, 1/16"" X 3/4"" 4.000 Each
MS24665-136 COTTER PIN, 1/16"" X 1"" 1.000 Each
NAS1149F0563P WASHER, 5/16, Steel, .063 10.000 Each

Eligible Aircraft

Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location Comment Eligibility Chart
Cessna 208 208 20800001 20800221 1 ELEVATOR W/O SK208-102, SK208-106, & SK208-107 INSTALLED 6687
Cessna 208 208A 20800007 20800102 1 ELEVATOR W/O SK208-102, SK208-106, & SK208-107 INSTALLED 6687
Cessna 208 208B 208B0001 208B0318 1 ELEVATOR W/O SK208-102, SK208-106, & SK208-107 INSTALLED 6687
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