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Part Number: TOOL129 P1-KT


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Propeller balancing bushing kit (compatible with TOOL129 only)


Propeller Balancing Bushing Kit

Fine tune propeller balance with this accurate and easy to use bushing kit!



An out of balance propeller can lead to harmful vibrations and costly aircraft maintenance. Costly issues that may arise include:

  • Excessive load on crankshaft bearings
  • Cracking of propeller and spinner bulkheads
  • Engine mount wear and deterioration
  • Distracting airframe vibration


McFarlane Propeller Balancing Bushing Kits are add-ons for either TOOL108 or TOOL129 tire balancers. These bushing kits make it possible to check the static balance of a propeller quickly and accurately.

  • More accurate than knife edge and mandrel methods
  • Allows for a quick check after minor repairs
  • Durable wooden storage box
  • Works with nearly all fixed pitch propellers
  • Includes one 2-1/4" diameter bushing for SAE standard crankshaft bores, two cone bushings for the other side of the hub for bores ranging from 2-1/4" to 5-1/8" diameter, and complete instructions*.


Part Number Description
TOOL129 P1-KT  Propeller balancing bushing kit (compatible with TOOL129 only)
TOOL108 P1-KT Propeller balancing bushing kit (compatible with TOOL108 only)



Use McFarlane's PROP GUARD Anti-Abrasion Boot to protect your metal propeller.


*Instructions cover the use of the tool for checking balance. Propeller manufacturer and FAA guidance must be used when changing the balance of a propeller; some manufacturers require the use of an authorized propeller repair station.


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