Eligibility Charts

Title Document Number
ELIGIBILITY, Bushing, Aileron Bellcrank, MC422280, Document Number 1029
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Track Repair Kit, MCSK101, Document Number 1SR059
ELIGIBILITY, Stabilator Adjust Cable, MC41671 Series, Document Number 2033
ELIGIBILITY, Plunger, Cessna, MC0756011-1 1FS002
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 150, 152 1SR003
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 172, 175, 182 1SR011
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 170, 180, 185 1SR012
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 205, 206, 207, 210 1SR023
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 188, 190, 195 1SR030
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna, MC0511240 Series 1SR037
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 172K,L 1SR041
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 210K,L,M,N,R, T210K,L,M,N,R, P210N,R 1SR044
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 305 1SR050
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, Cessna 1SR053
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Track Repair Kit, MCSK101 1SR059
ELIGIBILITY, Steering Tube, Cessna 150, 152, 172 1005
ELIGIBILITY, Shims, Nose Strut Torque Link, Cessna, MCS1450-6B14 Series 1006
ELIGIBILITY, Rudder Pedal 1014
ELIGIBILITY, Cable, Parking Brake, MC1613245-2 1015
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Parts, Cessna 1028
ELIGIBILITY, Cables, MCA1860-36, MCA1860-35, MCA3860-3 1032
ELIGIBILITY, Fairlead, Piper, MC42911 1035
ELIGIBILITY, Carburator Parts 1039
ELIGIBILITY, Flap Rollers, Cessna 1043
ELIGIBILITY, Flap Roller, Cessna 1058
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 150, 152 1082
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 180, 182, 185, 188, 205, 206 1086
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 1091
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 1094
Smooth Skins Group 1 1103
ELIGIBILITY, Plate and Bushings, Cowl Attach Plate, Piper, MC69791-000, MC69790-00 1116
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1118
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1120
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1125
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1129
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1130
ELIGIBILITY, Hinge, Aileron, MC0523816-1 1135
ELIGIBILITY, Control, Tailwheel Steering Lock, Cessna, MC9861000-1 1139
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls 1141
ELIGIBILITY, Chains, Trim Control, Cessna 1145
ELIGIBILITY, Chain Connecting Link, Trim Control, Cessna 1146
ELIGIBILITY, Pulleys, Cessna, MCS378 Series 1157
ELIGIBILITY, Carb Heat Box Parts, Cessna 1158
ELIGIBILITY, Controls, Cowl Flap, Cessna 1162
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Quantity Transmitters, Gaskets, and Screw/Seal Assemblies, Cessna 1189
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls, Cessna 1197
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Piper 1220
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls, Piper 1228
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Strainer Plunger MC0756010-11 and Washer MCS1450-27A7-032 1252
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Gaskets, Cessna 1340
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Stops, Cessna 1371
ELIGIBILITY, Steering Tube, MC0743008 Series 1379
ELIGIBILITY, Throttle Controls, Grumman, MC507005 Series 1382
ELIGIBILITY, Control, Mixture, Universal Solid Wire Vernier, MC600 Series 1404
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 1419
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Beechcraft and Raytheon T-34 1424
ELIGIBILITY, Lock Washer, MC0851559-1 1426
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail, MC62557-004 1429
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls, Bellanca 1437
ELIGIBILITY, Seal Kits, Brake Master Cylinder and Brake Caliper 1506
ELIGIBILITY, Universal Joint Kits 1516
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Kits, Cessna 1517
ELIGIBILITY, Cable/Chain Kits 1518
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Strainer Components 1603
ELIGIBILITY, O-Ring and Gaskets 1610
ELIGIBILITY, Top Assembly, Fuel Strainer, MC0756005-2 1616
ELIGIBILITY, Wheel Fairing Mounting Plates, MC0441225-1 and MC0441225-2 1621
ELIGIBILITY, Control Skins, Cessna 1694
ELIGIBILITY, Aileron Cable Assemblies, Grumman 1714
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Cessna 1731
ELIGIBILITY, Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener, Cessna, MC1741 Series 1743
ELIGIBILITY, Intake Heat Deflector Assembly, MC0750143-1 1751
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Beechcraft and Raytheon T-34 1782
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Quantity Transmitter, Piper 1800
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Strainer Kits, FS-KT-3 thru FS-KT-12 6040
ELIGIBILITY, Pulley Kits, Cessna 6059
ELIGIBILITY, Controls, Carburetor Heat 6087
ELIGIBILITY, Control Hinge Bearings and Bushings, Cessna 6157
ELIGIBILITY, Control Yoke Universal Joint and Pin Retention Sleeve, Cessna 6166
ELIGIBILITY, Nose Gear Torque Link Kits, Cessna 6167
ELIGIBILITY, Baffle Seal, Cessna 6184
ELIGIBILITY, Wire Clamps 6189
ELIGIBILITY, Skins, Elevator and Rudder, Cessna 6216
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Vent Lines, Cessna 6219
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Valves, Overhauled, Cessna 6249
ELIGIBILITY, Flap Tracks, Cessna 6268
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Reservoir Plunger, Cessna 177RG 6274
ELIGIBILITY, Flap Roller Kits, Cessna 6313
ELIGIBILITY, Controls, Push-to-Release, Cessna 6334
ELIGIBILITY, Standard Bearing Applications 6367
ELIGIBILITY, Cable Kits, Piper 6372
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Seal Kit, SDKT-1 6383
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Strainer Drain Control, Cessna 6390
ELIGIBILITY, Rod End, Cessna 6447
ELIGIBILITY, Stabilizer Screw Jack Actuator, Cessna 6466
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Selector Valve Overhaul Kits, Cessna 6491
ELIGIBILITY, Engine Controls, Piper 6513
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Gaskets, Piper 6530
ELIGIBILITY, Wheel Seal Components, Cessna 6551
ELIGIBILITY, Nose Strut Seal Kit, Cessna 6567
REFERENCE, Wheel to Plane 6568
ELIGIBILITY, Brake Bleeder Valve, Cessna 6581
ELIGIBILITY, Baggage Door Components, Piper 6596
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Components, Piper 6605
ELIGIBILITY, Torque Link Kits, Piper 6607
ELIGIBILITY, V-Belt, Piper 6645
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Roller Housings, Cessna 6654
ELIGIBILITY, Cabin Entry Step 6664
REFERENCE, Wheel Seal Sales Kit 6666
ELIGIBILITY, Nose Strut Seal Components 6682
ELIGIBILITY, Cowl Flap Control, Push-to-Unlock 6686
ELIGIBILITY, Elevator and Rudder Kits, Non-PMA 6687
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Filter Drain Valve, MC90-380016-1 6706
ELIGIBILITY, Kits, Brake Bleeder Valves 6709
ELIGIBILITY, Torque Link Stop, Cessna 6729
MCS1224-4 Eligibility Expansion 6741
ELIGIBILITY, Stop Lug Kit 6745
ELIGIBILITY, Aero Cables 6752
ELIGIBILITY, Control, Cowl Flap, MC0713306-1 6765
ELIGIBILITY, Rudder Bushing Kit, RBC-KT-4A/4AX 6767
ELIGIBILITY, Norwich Aero Products Inc. 6775
ELIGIBILITY, Flight Control Cables, Caravan 6776
ELIGIBILITY, Cowl Flap Hinges 6846
Cessna Fuel Cap Gaskets, Slip Rings & Shim 6866
ELIGIBILITY, Elevator Neutral Rigging Tool, TOOL126 6875
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Head Bearing, MC0542102-3 6876
BOOT, Trim Actuator 6884
ELIGIBILITY, Finnoff Aviation Products 6906
P/N MC1557300-5 SPINNER BULKHEAD ASSEMBLY Installation Eligibility 6957
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Shaft Assembly, MC0542120-1 6960
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Piston, MC0842400-3 6997
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Piston Assembly, MC0542118-1 6998
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Piston Assembly, MC0542118-5 6999
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Head Bearing, MC0542102-1 7001
ELIGIBILITY, Skin Kits 7055
ELIGIBILITY, Molded Steering Rod Boot 7058
ELIGIBILITY, Wheel Seal Kits, Cessna 7059
ELIGIBILITY, Cleveland Wheel to Aircraft 7062
Trim Wheel Catch Assemblies 7064
ELIGIBILITY, Air Box Parts, Cessna 7074
Eligibility: Cessna Mooring Eye Bolts 7076
ELIGIBILITY, Shimmy Dampener Kits, Cessna 7081
ELIGIBILITY, Cables, Caravan 7082
ELIGIBILITY, Cable Kits, Caravan 7083
Cessna 172 Cabin Door Hinge Eligibility 7088
Replacement Fuel Selector Valve Assembly Eligibility 7091
Torque Link Eligibility 7098
ELIGIBILITY, Kits, Fuel Quantity Transmitter, Cessna 7099
ELIGIBILITY, Kits, Fuel Quantity Transmitter, Cessna 7100
ELIGIBILITY, Fuel Gasket Kits 7101
Seat Rail Eligibility 7113
ELIGIBILITY, Piper Strut Seal Kits 7148
ELIGIBILITY, Torque Link Shim Kits 7206
ELIGIBILITY, Seat Rail Screw Kits 7207
Steering Bungee, Cessna 7222
Caravan Seat Rails & Tracks Eligibility 7228
BCKT EligibilityDrawing 7238
ELIGIBILITY, Trim Tab Screw Assembly 7288
Eligibility, Steering Boot, Cessna 7298
Eligibility: Cessna/Textron Bonding Straps 7318
Eligibility, Indicator- Flap, Cessna 7325
INSTRUCTIONS, Carb Heat Box Shaft Kit B5
ELIGIBILITY, Boot, Steering Rod, Cessna SRB007
SAFE-HEET Application Guide (2)