McFarlane Newsletters

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McFarlane Newsletter 2021-10-14: APS Brake Disc, Linings, Brake Bleeder Valves, Wheel Seal Kits, Master Cylinder Kits, MT, Tempest
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-09-27: QMI, Cessna MT, Jack Screw Actuator, Tempest Banner, Trim Wheel Sprockets, Shafts, Catch Assemblies
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-09-03: Labor Day, CamGuard, Oil Drain-Back Tubes, Oil Access Door
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-08-20: Fuel System Components: Fuel Valves, Pumps, Transmitters, Vent Lines, Gascolators
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-07-22: Oshkosh 2021, Tempest, MT, AeroLED
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-07-01: Star-Spangled Special, QMI, Cowl Saver, Engine Baffles, Exhaust, Oshkosh 2021
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-06-15: Landing Gear Components, Mooney Push-Pull Controls, Tools, 2021 Events Schedule
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-05-28: Memorial Day, Seat Rails, Seat Rollers, Seat Stop Kits, Seat Components, Tools
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-05-13: Custom Services, Tail Slides, QMI, Legacy Spotlight, Tempest
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-04-29: Catalog, Cabin and Cargo Door Hinges, Airbox Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Bug Nuts, Cessna V-Belts
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-04-06: Sun 'n Fun, 2021 Catalog Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-03-26: QMI Announcement
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-02-24: QMI Announcement
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-02-05: Super Bowl Promo, Brake Swivel, Tempest AeroGuard, 150 Cessna Fuel Valves, MT Props, Tempest
McFarlane Newsletter 2021-01-27: Skins, Aileron Hinges, Piper Aileron Hinges, Stab Hinges, Flap Trailing Edge Stiffeners, Flap Wear Buttons, Tempest
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-12-31: Free Shipping, Tempest, AeroShell Oil, Piper V-Belts, Baron Controls, Rudder Pedals
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-12-18: Trim Tab Actuator, 1111, Tempest, Fuel Valve Repair, Inspection Plates, MT Propellers
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-12-9: DAM Product Line, Door Hinge Teaser
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-11-24: Cessna Torque Link, Exhaust Components, Seat Release Control, Piper Throttle Control, Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-11-17: SAFE-HEET, Carb Heat Air Box, Exhaust Components, Cowl Saver, U-Bolt, Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-10-19: Tempest FBO, Filters, Vacuum Pumps, Spark Plugs, Carburetors
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-09-18: Tempest Oil Filters, Vacuum Pumps, Spark Plugs, Carburetors, Feedback
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-09-04: Labor Day Special, Tempest Teaser, MT Propellers
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-08-22: Plastic & Fiberglass Interior & Exterior, Cessna Carb Air Box Assemblies, Piper V-Belts, APS Blacksteel Brake Kit, Tempest Teaser, Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-07-21: AeroLEDs Discount, Oshkosh Virtual Trade show, Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-07-02: Cessna 170 Door Hinges, Beechcraft Flight Control Cables, Let's Chat, Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-06-24: Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza Engine Controls, Cessna 200 Series Seat Rails, Coming Soon!
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-05-15: Trim Tab Actuator, Vacuum Pump Cooling Kit, Virtual Trade Show, Products Coming Soon!
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-05-01: Vernier-Assist Throttle Controls, Virtual Trade Show
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-04-24: Flap Indicator Cables, Virtual Trade Show, Nose Strut Seal Kits, Piper Baggage Door Locks
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-04-14: 10% Savings on all AeroLEDs and Airforms Products until April 30th
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-04-10: Exhaust System Components, MT Propellers, COVID-19 Update
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-03: MT Composite Propellers, Sun 'n Fun
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-03-20: McFarlane Service You Can Still Count On!
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-02-07: Service Bulletin SB-10 MC0523816-1 Aileron Hinge
McFarlane Newsletter 2020-01: Newly Updated McFarlane Homepage, Seat Release Control Assembly for Cessna Aircraft
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-11-13: McFarlane Acquires Flight-Resource
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-11-07: Free Shipping on AeroLEDs Lights, Bonding Straps, Steering Rod Boot and Doubler Kits
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-09: Bonding Straps for Cessna Aircraft, Trim Wheel Stop Catch Assemblies, Motor Mount Lock Washer
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-08-30: FAA-PMA Fuel Valves for C182/185, Cessna Shimmy Dampener Assembly, Parts & Kits, Piper and Maule Fuel Quantity Transmitters, Cessna Carburetor Heat Air Box Assemblies
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-07-17: New 2020 Catalog, EAA Airventure Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-6: EAA Airventure Oshkosh, New 2020 Catalog Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-05: Cessna Fuel Transmitter Gaskets, McFarlane Flight Control Cables, Intake Manifold Tubes, KROIL and AEROKROIL Pentrating Oil
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-4: Commonly Replaced Placards, Landing and Taxi Lights from AeroLEDs, Custom Shipping Box Machine, Wheel Grease Seal Kits
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-3: 337 Skymaster Spinner Bulkhead, Carb Heat Air Box Assembly, Vividia Ablescope Digital Borescopes, Seat Back Adjust Bellcrank Assy, Aircraft & Engine Components for Learjet
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-3-29: Main and Nose Strut Seal and Repair Kits for Piper, Flight Control Cables for Beechcraft, Cabin Door Hinges and Pins for Cessna 172, 175, Sun 'n Fun
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-2: Rudder Pedals, Oil Drain Valve, Fuel Pump and Cap for Piper Aircraft
McFarlane Newsletter 2019-1: Nose Strut Seal Kit, Upper Torque Link, Cowl Flap Hinges, Tie Down Eye Bolts
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-12: Ancra Cargo Hold-Down and Seat Attachment Fittings, Rotax Throttle Return Springs, Control Clip Plate, Slip Fit Conduit Terminals, TOOL132
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-11: D A M Pulley Oil, Vividia Ablescope Digital Borescopes, Breather Tubes for Cessna Aircraft, Engine Mount Heat Shield for Cessna 206/207/210
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-10: Plastic and Fiberglass Interior and Exterior Parts, Premier Aerospace Services and Technology Products, Knots 2U Products, Strut Fairing and Wing Tip Kits
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-9: Cabin Door Hinge Pins, AeroLEDs Lighting, Quasar Cx LED Lighted Wing Tips, Stene Wing Tips for AeroLED Lighting, Fuel Gascolators, D A M Window Cleaning Kits
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-9-14: Cessna 182 Steering Rod Boot, Fuel Valves for Cessna 170/172/175/177, Caravan Main Wheel Bolt STC, Caravan Passenger Door Step, Caravan Pulley Kits, Caravan Flap Kit
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-8: Cessna 210 Upper Torque Link, Fuel Cap Gaskets, Fuel Selector Valve Cam and Bearing
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-8-31: Vacuum Pump Cooling Kit, Wheel Bearings, Trim Actuator Boots and Clamps, Aileron Trim & Flap Indicator Cables for Cessna Caravan
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-8-23: D A M Window Cleaner, Piper Main and Nose Strut Seal and Repair Kits, Shimmy Dampener Seal and Repair Kits, Steering Rod Boot Doubler
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-8-17: Cowl Flap Hinges, Tie Down Eye Bolts, Trim Wheel Stop Catch Assembly
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-7: New 2018 Product Catalog, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-6: Award of Excellence, Vacuum Pump Wrenches, Carb Heat Box Parts, Door and Window Seals, Airventure
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-4: TOOL131, Caravan Spoiler Hinges and Torque Link Repair STC
McFarlane Newsletter 2018-3: Door Cables, Universal Joints, Fuel Cap Gaskets
McFarlane Newsletter 2017-9: TOOL132, Continental Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers, C156003-0101 Fuel Cap
McFarlane Newsletter 2017-7: New 2017 Product Catalog
McFarlane Newsletter 2017-6: New Website Prelaunch
McFarlane Newsletter 2017-6-26: New McFarlane Website
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-12: Seat Roller Housings, Piper Seat Springs, Exhaust Flange
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-12-20: Shimmy Dampener Parts, King Air Fuel Drain Valve Eligibility, Curtis and SAF-AIR Valves and Adapters
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-10: Wheel Seal Kits, Trim Wheel Shafts and Sprockets, PROP GUARD Video
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-9: Seat Fittings, Aircraft Development Wing Tips, Wing Strut and Landing Gear Fairings, Aileron Gap Seal Kit
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-7: CBS Kits, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-6: Caravan Flap Tracks, P/N MS24462-5 Bearing, Steering Rods/Boots/Doublers/Rod Ends, 0.020" Upper Flap Skins
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-6-22: Piper Baggage Door Locks, STC Skins, Rotax Springs, Knots 2U, APS Brake Kit Special, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-5: F. Atlee Dodge Parts, P/N P580058 Extrusion, Fuses
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-4: Meet McFarlane Video, Caravan Cables, Caravan Flap Tracks, Airforms Caravan Torque Links, Airforms Baffles, Instagram
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-3: Wheel Balancers, Prop Balancer, APS Lining for Caravan and Kodiak, APS Disc for RV-10
McFarlane Newsletter 2016-2: Cowl Saver with Bi-Flex, P/N TOOL120, J&M Beech Kits, Piper Seat Rollers
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-12: P/N TOOL127, Axles, Stabilator Hinge Kits, Gift Ideas and Holiday Hours
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-10: P/N TOOL126, Torque Link Stop Lugs and Safety Plate, Valve Guide Reamer Kits, Cable Composition Article, Service Bulletins 7 and 8
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-7: New Catalog, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-5: Vernier-Assist Controls, Wheel Seals, CJ Aviation Pumps, Citation Pin P/N MS20253-2-2050, King Air Fuel Drain Valve
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-4: Curtis Valves, Fuel Sampling Cup, "Extend the Life of Your McFarlane Throttle Control" Article, AERO-Classics Oil Coolers
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-3: Park Brake and Rudder Cables, Fuel Strainer Gasket, P/N K65773-00 Moulding, Airforms, SwitchBox App
McFarlane Newsletter 2015-2: Fuel Fill Neck and Tank Gaskets, Beech Door Cables, P/N CA62766-000, Plastic and Fiberglass Trim and Fairings
McFarlane Newsletter 2014-11: Employment, Dual Cowl Flap Controls, Pitot Tube Screws, Buss Fuses, Alcor Probe Packs
McFarlane Newsletter 2014-11-20: P/N TOOL120, P/N AN800C2-MOD, Fuel Strainer Cables, P/N FPS-KT-1, S1K5 Bearing, Gift Ideas, Holiday Schedule
McFarlane Newsletter 2014-7: P/N FS-KT-12, PROP GUARD Repair Kits, P/N TOOL125, Adel Clamps, P/N MC41528-14, Ancra Fittings, Control Hardware, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2014-3: Oil Door, Universal Joints, Tube Bender, SwitchBox, Curtis Valves, Aero-Cables, King Air Fuel Drain Valve, PROP GUARD, Cowl Saver Customization, New Catalog
McFarlane Newsletter 2014-3-28: New Catalog, PROP GUARD
McFarlane Newsletter 2013-11: NSS Kits, Cessna Push-to-Unlocks Controls, APS Brakes, Rocker Cover Gaskets, Oil Drain-Back Tubes, Products Coming Soon
McFarlane Newsletter 2013-10: Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy?, P/N CA95232-000, SAFE-HEET
McFarlane Newsletter 2013-9: Cabin Step, Seginus Cables, Cessna 208 Flap Kits, AERO-Classics
McFarlane Newsletter 2013-7: Piper Stabilizer Cable Kits, Stene Aviation, Metal Bundles, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2013-1: Flap Trailing Edge Stiffener, Top Assembly, Vans Controls, Alcor, Alcal 2000+
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-9: Knots 2U, Brownline Extrusion, Fuel Inlet Gaskets and Pins, Elevator Trim Skins, New Catalog
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-7: Brake Bleed Valves, Wheel Bearing Cups and Cones, Beech Cables, Cessna 180 Cowl Flap Controls, Oil Coolers, Fuel Vent Lines, New Catalog, Building Expansion, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-7-20: New Catalog, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-3: Cessna 208 Elevator and Rudder Kits, P/N EXTENSION CT12, Piper Alternator V-Belt, P/N TOOL108, Piper Carb Heat Control, AERO Friedrichshafen
McFarlane Newsletter 2012-1: Piper Seat Cylinder, Beech Cables, P/N CW-172001, Rudder Pedals
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-12: Piper Carb Heat and Alt Air Controls, Elevator and Rudder Skins, P/N CW-172001, PROP GUARD
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-10: P/N TOOL110, Piper Fuel Strainer Seals
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-9: Piper Torque Link Repair Kits, Vernier-Assist Controls
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-8: Avglas, Texas Aeroplastics, Rod Ends, Aileron Skins, 8130-3 Export Form and DAR Service, Free Hat Promo
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-6: Jack Screw Actuator Kit, P/N GAUGE SR1, Cessna Restart Cables, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-4: Fuel Caps and Stall Switches for Piper, Solar Energy Project, Shipping Hours
McFarlane Newsletter 2011-2: Engine Controls, P/N CA62834-802, CAIR Series Bearings, Facebook and Twitter
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-12-27: F Atlee Dodge, Holiday Schedule
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-12-17: 172R/S Baffle Seals, New Cowl Saver Material, Fuel Valves and Kits, Gift Ideas
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-12-3: P/N TOOL107, Piper Universal Joint Kits, Gift Ideas
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-11: Piper Universal Joint Kits, Torque Link Repair Kits, Fuel Vent Line Eligibility, Gift Ideas
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-10: Fuel Vent Lines, MCU Series Controls, Cessna and Piper Universal Joints
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-9: FSO Kits, Flap Tracks, Flap Rollers, P/N 950
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-7: Piper Transmitter, 2010-2011 Catalog, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-6: P/N 990, Elevator and Rudder Bushings and Bearings, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-5: Rotax Choke and Quadrant Throttle Controls, Turn-to-Lock Controls
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-4: P/Ns FS-KT-6 thru -11, MC6150 Series Controls with Chrome Knob, P/N 8006
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-3: Carb Heat Controls, P/N EXTENSION CT14, Oil Coolers, P/Ns TL-KT-6/7
McFarlane Newsletter 2010-1: Fuel Reservior Drain Plunger for Cessna Cardinal RG , MC6160 Series Controls
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-12: Galvanized Cables, Wire Clamps, Gift Ideas
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-11: Fuel Valves, Control Replacement Parts, P/N TL-KT, Gift Ideas
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-10: Elevator and Rudder Bushings and Bearings, Fuel Pumps
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-9: Cessna/Piper Universal Joints, SAF-AIR Valves, Tow Pin
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-7: MC6350 Series Controls, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-6: ALCOR, P/N MS17840-1, Oshkosh, Facebook Group
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-5: MCT100D Dual Throttle Control
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-4: Seat Rails and All Related Components
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-3: P/N 970, P/N TL-KT-1, Baffle-Kit-3/Cowl Saver
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-2: Restart Cables, P/N GAUGE SR1, PMA Products
McFarlane Newsletter 2009-1: Beechcraft Cables/Chains/Cable Stop, Universal Push-to-Unlock Controls
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-12: Year End Thank You, Last Minute Stocking Stuffers
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-10: Beech Cables, Custom Cables, Skins
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-8: MC6150 Series Controls, T-shirt Promo
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-7: New 2008-2009 Catalog, T-shirt Promo, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-6: P/N NSS-KT-1, T-shirt Promo, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-4: ALCOR, P/N TCTL-KT, P/N TL-SHIM-KT-1
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-3: Cowl Saver, Intake Heat Shields, Nylon Washers and Flap Wear Buttons
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-2: Fuel Inlet Gaskets, Piper Swivel Fitting
McFarlane Newsletter 2008-1: SAF-AIR, Price Reduction on Skins & PMA Products, P/N AP2000-01, 2008 preview
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-11: Cardinal Seat Rails, P/N AP2000-01, Gifts Ideas, 1 year anniversary
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-10: Steering Rods & Boots, Compression Tester Extension, Cowl Saver
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-8: Pulley Kits, Flight Control Cables, PROP GUARD
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-7: Oshkosh, Cowl Attach Plates & Bushings
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-6: Lock Washer, Axles, Transmitter Kits, Fuel Strainer Parts, Oshkosh
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-5: Pulley Oil, Aerokroil, Mr. Funnel, Cowl Saver
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-4: Cowl Saver, Retainer Strips and Kits
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-3: Skins, Pulley Oil, P/N 950, P/N GAUGE SR1
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-3-23: Updated Skin Pricing
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-2: Engine Controls, MC600 Universal Mixture Control, Custom Controls
McFarlane Newsletter 2007-1: New Catalog, 8130-3 Export Tags
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter: 2021-07-23 Oshkosh, Rod Ends, Crew Ladder, Door Steps, Hinges, Brake Kits
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter: 2021-01-05: Quadrant Covers, Trim Tab, Flap Indicator, Cargo Tracks, Control Lock, Aero Twin Coming Soon
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2021-04-12: Aero Twin Products, Flap Tracks, and more!
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2020-10-20: Crew Ladder Components, Control Lock, Door Step, Cables & Pulleys
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2020-07-01: Cessna Caravan Quadrant Cover
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2020-04-14: CAB-33-02, 10% Discount Spring Savings
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2019-12: Crew Rails and Seat Tracks, Trim Tab Screw Assemblies, Center Torque link bushings, Airstair Door Steps
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2019-09: Trim Tab Screw Assembly, Flap Indicator, Bonding Straps, Crew Rails and Seat Tracks, Rod Ends, Spoiler Hinges
McFarlane Caravan Newsletter 2019-06: Caravan Brake Kits, Door Hinges, Flight Control Cables, Crew Rails and Cargo Tracks
McFarlane Aviation COVID-19 Update 2020-03-17