McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

Press Releases

Title Document Number
2024-03-15 PMA Products Acquisition
2023-10-31 CJ Aviation moves to Kansas
2023-09-20 Cessna Door Springs
2023-07-20 EAA AirVenture 2023
2022-07-21 McFarlane Acquires Airforms, Inc. of Alaska
2021-10-21 McFarlane Partners with Vance Street Capital
2021-10-11 SPIN EZ Oil Filter Magnet Inspection Aid Announcement
2021-10-05 McFarlane Aviation Products Acquires QMI, Inc. Product Lines
2021-07-01 McFarlane Partners with C J Aviation
2021-02-23 McFarlane Partners with QMI
2019-11-11 McFarlane Aviation Products Acquires Flight-Resource, LLC
2019-09-26 Instrument Tech Fuel Quantity Transmitters
2019-03-06 Acorn Welding Cessna Air Box Assemblies
2019-02-25 Cessna Nose Strut Square Seal
2018-12-20 Interior and Exterior Fiberglass and Plastic Aircraft Parts
2018-11-29 Control Surface Skins for Early Model Cessna Aircraft
2018-11-01 Precision Aircraft Tools by McFarlane
2018-10-22 Door Cables and Vacuum Pump Cooling Kits
2018-09-21 Cessna Fuel Selector Valves
2018-09-14 Cessna Fuel Caps and Gaskets, Fuel Strainer Components
2018-09-05 Cowl Flap Hinges and Steering Rod Boots for Cessna aircraft
2018-09-04 Cessna Upper Torque Link, Stop Lugs, and Shimmy Dampener replacement parts
2018-08-29 D A M Window Cleaner
2018-08-27 Piper Main and Nose Strut Seal and Repair Kits
2018-08-21 Tie-Down Eyebolts, Trim Wheel Shafts, Trim Wheel Sprockets and more
2018-08-15 Piper Baggage Door Lock and Seat Spring
2018-08-10 Cessna 208, 208B Caravan Products
2018-01-10 Vacuum Pump Wrench
2018-01-10 Cessna Trim Wheel Catch Assemblies
2018-01-10 Cessna Shimmy Dampener Replacement Parts
2018-01-10 Cessna Cowl Flap Hinges
2016-11-22 Seat Roller Housings
2016-06-28 King Air Fuel Drain Valve
2015-12-07 Cowl Saver with Bi-Flex
2014-03-14 PROP GUARD
2013-11-12 Stabilator Cable Kits for Piper Aircraft
2013-09-24 Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy?
2013-01-14 Fuel Strainer Top Assembly
2013-01-03 Flap Trailing Edge Stiffeners
2012-11-27 Nose Strut Seal Kits for Cessna Aircraft
2012-06-08 AERO-Classics HE Series Oil Coolers
2012-06-05 Brake Bleed Valves
2012-03-27 Aircraft Wheel Balancer
2012-02-10 Piper Seat Adjustment Springs
2011-12-12 Rudder and Elevator Skins for Cessna Aircraft
2011-12-12 Carburetor Heat, Alternate Air, and Cabin Environment Controls for Piper Aircraft
2011-11-18 Vent Tube Adapters
2011-10-31 Seat Roller Housing Gauge
2011-10-19 Fuel Strainer Seals for Piper
2011-09-22 Vernier-Assist Mixture and Throttle Controls
2011-09-14 Torque Link Repair Kits for Piper Aircraft
2011-07-11 Controls for Experimental Aircraft and 912/914 Series Dual Carburetor Rotax Engines
2011-03-31 Fuel Quantity Transmitter for Piper Aircraft
2011-03-17 Cessna 180/182/185 Stabilizer Jack Screw Actuators
2010-12-16 Cowl Saver Baffle Seals for Cessna 172R and 172S
2010-12-03 Taper Pin Removal Tool
2009-09-03 Cessna Control Yoke Universal Joint
2009-08-28 Rudder and Elevator Hinge Bushings and Bearings
2009-03-20 Throttle Control for 912/914 Rotax Engines
2008-12-17 Beechcraft Flight Control Cables and Chains
2007-10-25 Cessna Cardinal Seat Rails
2007-07-19 Convenient Pulley Kits for Cessna Aircraft
2007-04-25 Cowl Saver Baffle Seals
2007-03-06 Control Surface Skins