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Manufacturing and Machining at McFarlane
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Partnering with Airframes Alaska

Customer Experiences

Experimental Build with McFarlane Controls
Experimental Build with McFarlane Controls - Vans RV14 Part 2
Grand Finale Winners
Rans S-21 build with our Vernier Assist throttle

MT Propellers

Ice Ball Force Test
Jelly Ball Force Test
MT Propeller Hardness Factor
MT Reversible Prop for Husky
MT Reversing Prop
MT Reversing Prop Demonstration on Husky
Mt Composite Prop with Reverse In Action
National STOL Competition Sponsorship
Nothing runs like an MT Propeller

Product Features

ACF-50 Lear Chemical - How It Works
AeroShell Oil
Airforms Engine Baffle
Airframes Alaska Tailwheel Shimmy Dampener
Do EarthX Lithium Batteries Explode?
EarthX Batteries ETX900 and ETX12000
EarthX ETX680 and ETX680C
EarthX ETX900-VNT
How to Charge Your EarthX Lithium Battery
Middle Fork Tail Slide
Product Feature: Cessna Seat Release Cables
Product Feature: Cowl Saver
Product Feature: Door Hinges
Product Feature: Flap Roller Kits for Cessna Aircraft
Product Feature: Powder Coating Rudder Pedals
Product Feature: Shimmy Dampener
Product Feature: Trim Tab Actuator
Product Feature: Vernier-Assist
Rope Chocks
Rudder Pedals for Cessna Aircraft

Product Tutorials

Aerostar/Mooney/Cirrus Upgraded Brake Master Cylinder Kits
Bonanza/Baron Landing Gear Door Installation of AeroTough GF Bushings
Bonanza/Baron Nose Landing Gear Door Hinge Kits
Brake Master Cylinder Seals Upgrade Kit
Cessna Seat Roller Housing Gauge TOOL110
Cowl Saver Baffle Seal Material - Black side against cowling
D A M Pulley Oil
Fitting the Wingtip Adapter for Whelen Strobes
How to Measure Your Engine Control (Quadrant)
How to Measure Your Vernier Engine Control (Knob)
Main Landing Gear Door Hinge Kits
Marsh Brothers Fuel Cap Washer
Marsh Brothers Polymer Spinner Washers
Nose Landing Gear Door Hinge Kit
PROP GUARD Installation Tutorial
Pin Punch Tool Set TOOL127
Push-Pull Control Wrench Set TOOL132
Replacement Trim Wheel
Valve Guide Cleaning Reamers
Vernier-Assist Throttle Control Assembly
Vividia VA-400

Tempest Aerogroup

Marvel Schebler- Epoxy Floats
Tempest Oil Filters
Tempest Spark Plugs

Website Tutorials

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