McFarlane Aviation Products FAA-PMA Replacement Aircraft Parts

Maintenance and Product Guides

Title Document Number
15-810-B Troubleshooting for Airmotive RSA Fuel Metering System
15-812-B Training Manual RSA Fuel Injection System
15-895 AK- Precision Airmotive Fuel Controls
15-901-C Troubleshooting Chart RS-RSA Fuel Injection
ACF-50 Handheld Spray System Wands List
AT5K Instruction Sheet
Airbox Shroud Assembly - Dave McFarlane
Aircraft Engine Preheaters
Alcor Basic Theory and Testing
Alcor General Troubleshooting Chart
Alcor Mechanics EGT/CHT Troubleshooting Guide
Alcor Pilot's Troubleshooting Guide
Can You Stop Nose Gear Shimmy?
Carburetor Replacements Parts Cross Reference
Cessna Fuel Strainer Bowl - SEL-28-10
Cessna Trim Tab Actuator Services for MC1260074-1
Comprehensive Flight Test of Available Certified Propellers for the Extra 300
Cowl Saver Engine Baffle Seal Allows Customized Flexibility for Optimal Cooling
De-Ice Valves
EGT Troubleshooting Guide
EGT in a Nutshell
EarthX Experimental Manual
EarthX LED Indicator Quick Reference
EarthX Maintenance Manual ETX680-24-TSO
EarthX Maintenance Manual ETX900-TSO
EarthX Manual ETXJMP12-24
EarthX Production Spec ETX104
EarthX Production Spec ETX680
EarthX Production Spec ETX680-24-TSO
EarthX Production Spec ETX680-24-VNT
EarthX Production Spec ETX680C
EarthX Production Spec ETX900
EarthX Production Spec ETX900-24
EarthX Production Spec ETX900-TSO
EarthX Production Spec ETX900-VNT
EarthX Production Spec ETX1200
EarthX Production Spec ETX1200-24-VNT
EarthX Production Spec ETX1600
EarthX Top Assembly ETX680-24-TSO
EarthX Top Assembly ETX900-TSO
Electricity in the Fuel Tank. Is it Safe?
Flight Cable Terminal Corrosion - One Little Corrosion Pit Won't Hurt Anything Will It?
How McFarlane Cables are Swaged and Why it Matters
How to Determine Flight Cable Composition
Lead Fouling Written By AeroShell Aviation
Light My Fire
McFarlane Shimmy Dampener Compared to Lord
Oil Filter Magnets
Prevent Cessna Strut Seal Failure
Removing Torque Link Bushings
SIDE Wear Indicator Port Instructions
Spark Plug Cleaning the Right Way
Spark Plug Resistance Schematic
Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Cable?
Tempest Electronic Fluid Pump Brochure
Tempest Oil Filter Valves
Tempest Spark Plug No Bleed
The Ins and Outs of Articulating Seats
The Right Way to Check Spark Plug Resistors
What Does Temperature Compensated Mean
Why Does My Cessna Nose Strut Keep Leaking Down?
Why a Hydraulic Shimmy Dampener is better than a Rubber Dampener