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A Letter from our Founder

McFarlane Valued Customers,


While I reflect on the once future years that have now become the present and past, I am reminded of the many contributions that have been made to this company by our employees and the aviation community.


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of the aircraft owners, commercial operators, repair facilities, FBOs and parts distributors that have supported us over the years. Thank you! You are the reason we can continue to develop improved aircraft parts.


Our common goal of reasonably priced replacement parts that work better, safer and last longer is shared by all of us. Without your support we could not survive the tedious and expensive process of product development, testing and FAA certification. Many of you have shared with us your knowledge and insight for new products and improvements that comes from your years of experience in repairing and operating aircraft. Your help has not been forgotten.


I would also like to thank the FAA personnel that have worked with us. Many of them have gone the extra mile in supporting our goals. With the help of all of you, McFarlane Aviation Products has become a leader in light aircraft replacement parts innovation.


I hope we can repay you by providing you with products and service that meet your expectations. I have not forgotten that this company is also your creation.


Best Regards,

Dave McFarlane
Founder of McFarlane Aviation Products

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