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Below is a variety of testimonials from satisfied McFarlane customers.
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Deanna & Carl, Cessna 180 equipped with MT 3-blade 83” Expedition Series Composite Prop

Traveled coast to coast, camping and exploring rural parts of the USA.  

“I love the sound and pull of our MT Prop, it really RIPS! And taking almost 30 lbs off the nose helped... It’s also very smooth and quiet in cruise.” 

T. Jenkins, Cessna 182

"Performance is definitely noticeable...Very pleased. 3-400 feet better climb and cylinders definitely running cooler. Smoothness is outstanding!"

David Pifari, Idaho 
"Last month I called to see if you might have rudder cables for my Cessna 170. You did and they were on the shelf. Your staff had them shipped that day and they arrived when I was told they would. The repair has been completed and the aircraft is off to a new home tomorrow.

Thank you again for being there when I needed you and for delivering what I needed when you said you would. While I have decided it is time for me to leave our aviation world and keep my feet on the ground, I want you to know that if I were to stay active in aviation my experience with McFarlane Aviation was so positive that I would never search for any parts or supplies anywhere until I had checked with you first. Keep up the good work serving general aviation, pilots and our aviation world in general." 

Doug, Texas 
"This deserves a thank you note. It was really nice to see the invoice with the First Class postal shipping charge, rather than the UPS charge. It means people were looking at the note in the order, as the standard UPS shipping charge was still shown on the first "Order Status" email.

It's more than the money savings - it's the feeling that McFarlane cares about the customer not feeling like there's no way to do business without getting gouged on shipping charges.

I appreciate that and now that I know it, there will be more orders to McFarlane."

"A little feedback on the Taper Pin Removal tool P/N TOOL107. I was in the process of complying with the AD requiring the removal and inspection of the Piper control yoke universal to sprocket shaft fitting. I had completed the inspection on two aircraft and had really struggled to get the taper pin out on each yoke. Finally, on the third aircraft, I just couldn't get one out and decided to order this tool. I was amazed at how easy it made the job."

Michael Evans, TECHSTAR
"To all the great people at McFarlane Aviation:
Thank you so much for all the help you gave us the week us July 12th. The disassembly of the Cessna 195 went smoothly, in large part to all the support you gave us. Your hospitality and generosity was and is world class. It was a special treat for me to discover McFarlane Aviation on the field as I have been using your products for years, but never gave a thought to your actual location. Your catalogs have been distributed to the local FBOs with my whole-hearted endorsement."

Danny Sorensen, Utah

"I just wanted to let you know about the prop control you made for me a few months ago. It was only recently that I got the airplane back in the air after an extensive 1st annual condition inspection. My old prop control was simply a Bowden cable with a vernier control knob. There was so much drag and flexing that I could barely get the prop screwed back to cruise RPM,  and during engine run-up I could only get about a 200 RPM drop. During flight it would sometimes slip forward and the RPM would jump a hundred or so.
With the new McFarlane prop control you guys made for me, operation is very, very smooth. I can get full range of motion during engine run-up, and in-flight adjustments are a breeze. I am absolutely delighted with it! I wish I had found you before I spent the money on the other one, but I know where to go from now on."

Dan Nelson, Illinois
"I really, really like my new carb heat cable with push button lock. No more power robbing creep on tow. It mentally eases the work load onboard.
Unfortunately it makes all the rest of the controls pale by comparison." 

Dave Kalwishky, Cessna 182J
"I came into the position to need to replace the prop control cable on my 182 as the current one was not working very well.

I had been looking at cables from (competitor name removed) as I did not realize that you sold cables like this, I have purchased a few items from you in the past and have been very pleased with the products. A few aviation buddies mentioned that they buy cables from your company and have always been happy with the quality of the product.  After receiving five or six recommendations on your cables I decided to check them out on your website. When I found the cable it was $25 more than whatever it is that (competitor name removed) sells but based on the recommendations from my friends I went ahead and ordered one. I believe I placed the order right before Christmas and you folks got it shipped right out and to me very quickly and I appreciated that.

I was playing with the cable at home and was amazed at how smoothly it operated.  I arranged a time for my mechanic to install it.  Once he was done I was amazed at how smoothly it worked.  The weather was pretty bad so we did not have a chance to fly the plane and test it.  That was over a week ago, today we finally got a break in the weather so I went to the airport before coming into work and flew for 30 minutes.

OW is all I can say.  That cable has to be the smoothest operating cable I have ever used.  I am simply floored at how smooth it is, it makes the other cables still in the plane feel substandard now. When the time comes to replace the other cables you can be sure that yours are the only ones I will consider.

Consider me as a very satisfied customer

Mark Timpken, Weisse Eins (White 1) Focke Wulf FW 190 Restoration
"Please thank Mr. McFarlane for his help with this unique project. One of the snaps will be placed on the Royal Norwegian Air Force Museum JU88. 
Thank you for the extra snap too!!! They really came out super nice. We are very happy with the quality of the parts. McFarlane simply does an outstanding job with our parts."

Mac Forbes, Immediate Past President, International Cessna 120/140 Association
Subject: Great Products/Super Service!
"...just a note of thanks for the quick shipment of my control cables for our '46 Cessna 140. I believe that you shipped them the same day of my internet order and they arrived one day before expected. The quality, in terms of both fit and fabrication was evident when comparing to the old cables and after installation. Much appreciated!" 

Ben Morphew, Cessna 182A
"I just thought I'd write to your company about the engine controls I recently purchased for my 1958 Cessna 182A.  The original controls were to say the least worn out.  The plane had less than 3000TT. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the units and I was completely surprised at how well and accurate they were when I installed them.  All the wear points had the proper swaged sleeves on them and all of the controls were installed in less than an hour (prop, mixture, throttle).   


I had purchased a flap roller kit a couple of years ago for a 59 model 172 and was just as impressed at the quality of the entire kit but neglected to inform you. I'm doing a "flying restoration" of this '58 182A so I will be using your company as much as possible for anything that might need replacing.  There will be times when you won't have the parts I need but I definitely will call your company first.  

Thanks for the great work on your customer service and the quality of the parts I received."



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