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Welcome to the McFarlane Website

Here at McFarlane we recognize your need for immediate information when maintaining your aircraft or your customer's aircraft. Our staff has worked hard to re-structure and advance this electronic door to our business. Our goal is to make our website an information resource that is quick, efficient, and filled with useful aircraft part data. I hope you will find our site a useful time saving tool whether you purchase our products or you just want to evaluate and plan your aviation parts needs. This site is database driven with easy to use search and drill-down features with a dynamic link to our in house inventory and accounting database. These features will let you quickly research and order your parts when it is convenient for you. The organization of the site is ever changing and we are making constant progress on the informative details that will make selecting and pricing repair parts easier. This is a dynamic process and you will see many changes in the future, with a completely redesigned website released in 2017. Comments and suggestions for improving our site or our methods of doing business are always welcome.


Thank you for taking the time to explore our company and products.


Best Regards,

Dave McFarlane
CEO/Founder of McFarlane Aviation Products



Updated Website - Many customer requested enhancements!

Many Improvements: Save frequently searched aircraft, enhanced suggestive search and results, and more...


  • Checkout Improvements
    • Improved website messages regarding the status of in stock and/or backordered items
    • Checkout with a registered login or as a guest (no password to remember!)
    • Steamlined checkout process that saves you time
    • Order confirmation includes important information (8130 information, stock status, etc.)

  • Improved search by aircraft 
    • NEW Save multiple frequently used aircraft make, series, models, and S/Ns between visits 
    • Option to seach by aircraft series
    • Refined results differentiate between parts specifically for your aircraft and those that fit a broad range of aircraft (ie. standard hardware)


Under the Products section on the left sidebar, you can limit search results by selecting a specific aircraft:


Search for products using aircraft make, series, model, and serial number: 


Save frequently searched aircraft:



Save multiple aircraft to save time during future visits: 


  • Improved, faster search 
    • NEW suggestive search upgrade 
    • Smarter! More like Google
    • Search results include products, eligibility, supersedures, reference documents, videos, FAQ and more!
    • Search for make and/or model right in the search box 
      • e.g., Type: "flap cable Cessna 172N"



Other Improvements


  • Account management
    • Update addresses and credit cards
    • Change password and email address
    • View invoice history


  • Many informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on a variety of topics
    • Clickable question marks (?) throughout the site to provide more information
    • Mobile device friendly


View the Intro Video to take a tour of the new site and to see how these new features and improvements will help in your search for the perfect part.


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