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Custom Push-Pull Controls


Custom Push-Pull Controls 


McFarlane can manufacture Push-Pull Controls for most any aircraft flying today. All McFarlane custom control cables are built to customer provided specifications. Our custom controls duplicate the original customer supplied controls in regard to length, thread size and pitch, wear sleeve locations, and travel length. 


Vernier-Assist technology is also available for some controls in addition to our standard designs. 

Custom controls are manufactured to the same standards using the same materials, rigorous testing and inspections as our FAA-PMA approved products; however, custom controls are not FAA-PMA approved. 


Custom control design forms are available below or you can send us a pattern to duplicate. To order a custom control, select the appropriate form. Print the form, fill out the required information and fax or mail it to McFarlane. Please include your address, phone number, and shipping/payment instructions with all orders. 


If you have any questions regarding custom controls, call Kelli or Randy at 866-920-2741 ext. 289, or email them at Original patterns may be sent to the Custom Department's attention at McFarlane Aviation Products, 682 E 1700 RD, Building C, Baldwin City, KS 66006. Completed design forms may be faxed, emailed or mailed to McFarlane.


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Quadrant Style Control
Vernier Style Control (Knob)

Design Forms:



Custom Engraved Knobs
Custom laser marking of the knobs is available for a small additional fee.
Call Randy in the Customs Department at 866-920-2741 ext. 289 for details.

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